There's a better way to grow your insurance agency.

We’ll help you consistently attract and close your ideal prospects.

You’ll dominate your competitors.


Outmarket. Outsell. Outperform.

Four custom-tailored solutions designed to fit your insurance agency’s unique needs.

Lead Generator

Lift off!

Get a comprehensive digital marketing strategy from our team of dedicated insurance results experts.

You’ll understand your ideal online customer and have a system to consistently reach them.

Lead Booster

Gain speed.

More inbound calls and insurance leads for less with lead boosters.

You’ll have an optimization system that will keep your lead generator consistently generating insurance leads and growing your book.

Lead Radar


Stay in front of your clients, reach competitors clients, and grow where you want to grow.

You’ll have full and total customization of the people you want to reach with our advantage targeting techniques.

Lead Lander

Land the customer.

Close more leads, set more appointments, sell more insurance, to new and current clients.

Your team will have full support in closing, following-up, and nurturing all of your inbound insurance leads.



Captive Dominates Local Area

Doubles Growth In 1st Month

80% Increase In Inbound Calls


Infinity Leads is the insurance industry’s digital marketing company, with a core philosophy centered around being your “growth partner“. Our high-performance track record of results can be attributed to execution and accountability in everything that we do. Infinity Leads delivers a marketing strategy that integrates the key result areas of digital marketing within one company. Through our results-oriented processes, we help dealers to position and brand their agencies while increasing traffic to their websites, converting more traffic to sales, improving customer satisfaction and, most importantly, increasing agency return on investment.

With Infinity Leads on your team, you will have a strategy that proactively keeps you ahead of the internet’s curves and speed bumps while positioning your insurance agency for success and increased profits.


Choosing Infinity Leads is choosing a team of digital experts that only care about helping insurance agents grow.

infinity leads specialized


The insurance industry has its own set of unique challenges and hurdles. With Infinity Leads, rest assured that you’re working with a team of experts that work exclusively with insurance agents.

automated insurance marketing


Your agency gets a  customized & comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to your unique objectives and challenges. From there, we let the technology do the heavy lifting. Our solutions don’t require you to do anything, the new prospects will come to you!

insurance growth partners


As insurance agency growth partners, we’re here with you along the way. We see our clients as friends and treat them that way. That means we’ll keep you up to date with the latest strategies and never recommend anything we don’t believe will help your agency.

Infinity Leads specialized_1


We’re experts at digital insurance lead generation. Our team strives to stay on top of the latest digital insurance marketing strategies. In addition, we seek to be a resource for insurance agents looking to grow their agencies. For more insights, check out our blog here.

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