10 Ways To Better Serve Your Insurance Clients

insurance client experience

The money is in the renewal. The money is in the renewal. The money is in the renewal. Since the money is in the renewal, then we’ve gotta make our clients renew. Now some of the reasons why they choose to or not to renew are outside of your control, people are crazy and things change. However, what you can do is always put your best foot forward and make every client feel it should they decide to leave you.

Improving your client service is one of those things that your insurance agency can control. Not to mention, it’s largely becoming more imperative as insuretech brands are bringing client experience to the forefront. With the push to commoditize insurance, its safe to assume that client experience will become the name of the game. You’re going to do more to make your people stay. In this post, you’ll get 10 ideas to improve your insurance client’s experience at every touchpoint.

Before the purchase

Did you know that your prospective insurance client’s experience begins before they even know you? Prior to contact with any new prospect all, they have to go off of is the attractiveness of your brand. The top insurance brands always have great word of mouth behind them, a poppin’ online presence, and solid marketing and advertising. Brands with room for improvement are unknown in the local community, don’t advertise, and aren’t found on the web. The way your prospects feel about what type of experience they’ll get will play a huge role in them engaging you. Luckily, improving client experience prior to purchase is one of the easiest things to do.

3 Easy Ways To Attract Prospects

Look your best on Google My Business and Bing Places

These listing are free, claim your listing, add some photos, and be found more easily when people search for insurance. For extra credit, focus on getting reviews on your Google My Business page. Yelp reviews don’t matter in insurance as they do on Google. Look around, most people will have less than 10 reviews on Google. Trust me, whatever you do, beg and plead your clients to review your Google My Business page right now! You’ll be surprised how much those gold stars next to your name can induce them to reach out.

Newsflash, no one cares…

I’m going to keep it real here, 99/100 no one cares about life insurance awareness month or how they can protect their houses from wind damage. When you post on social media, post things that people care about (memes, quick tips, relevant news, client highlights). Use what’s unique about your brand. Office located in a pretty place? Share weekly pics of the beauty surrounding your office. Obsessed with high heels? Show off your kicks of the day (can you say #KOTD?). Foodie? Show us what you’re eating! Like to sneak away to the office to play golf? Well, I’m not telling you to out yourself, but I’m sure your posts would do numbers on social media! The point of this tip is if you’re going to invest time in social media, invest in posting what people care about (your agency selling more insurance is not one of them).


If you want social media to work for your brand, you’ve got to talk to people. Nothing is going to happen until you start talking to people. Let me frame this idea in a different way. Big brands like State Farm advertise on football stadiums, billboards, random display ads online, and mailers. They don’t believe this will lead to you purchasing a policy right then and there, they’re basically brainwashing you to remember their message. Social media should create positive brand recognition. Therefore, the more active you are on social media, the more people in (and potentially outside of your network) see you, and the more brand recognition you create.


During The Sale

During the purchase is interesting. You might be thinking, how can I improve my buying experience at my agency? Well, after a prospect has decided they’re interested, they engage. The question is, is engaging with your brand as easy as it can be? What does it feel like when I walk into your office? Does your website follow a logical flow? What about your phone system or the people answering the phone? Is there any type of promotion you can run? The answers to these questions will lead to new ideas to improve your sales process. When improving your client experience during the sale, it pays to remove reasons not to buy.

4 Ways To Grease The Sale

Audit Your Inbound System.

Pick up the phone or go online and make an interaction with your agency. Audit your call tree. Pay attention to how much time it takes from beginning to end. From our internal data, most quotes take anywhere between 5-10 minutes. And a sale on average should take about 17 minutes. Maybe your team moves too slow? Maybe clients aren’t that fond of your hold music. I don’t know, just food for thought.

Survey Your Team

Everyone will survey their customers, how many will survey their own team? They’re on the frontline, ask them what they need to improve your selling processes. You could learn that your millennials prospects leave because they can’t pay in bitcoin. Or maybe prospects are tired of paperwork hassles and you should upgrade to DocuSign. They know better than you, its best to have them tell you the truth.

VIP Style Meetings

If your office is like most, its not getting much foot traffic. This is all the more reason to give your clients with appointments that visit VIP service. Have screens with their name on it. Address them by their first name as they enter. Take it up a notch for all of your drop-in visitors and appointments. Another method could be to make your office fun and hip like a Google or a Facebook. Keep stashes of good refreshments reserved just for visitors, like Voss water, beef jerky, or Kind bars. Have a tv and a video game system. Buy a massage chair (make all of your prospects get 5-minute massages before the meeting). Who knows, your agency could provide the only VIPlaw of rec service some of your clients will ever receive…


Next week, we’re going to show you a calculation to improve your ROI. But before we get there, it could make sense to entice more sales with a free giveaway for quotes. Yes, giving away a free gift card or small gift to get a quote would decrease profitability upfront. However, what’s giving away five $20 gift cards, to win a client that will bring you $50 a month? Not to mention this will help you up your close rate in one of two ways. One, through the law of reciprocity and two, maybe you really are the better option. Regardless, think of what you could give away to up your win rate!


insurance client experience

After the Purchase

This is the section everyone thinks about when they think of client experience. Servicing the client, making the money on the renewal, and getting the referral is beginning. Today, most clients have short memories and are HUGE fans of Janet Jackson’s mantra. If we want to keep them around, they’re going to ask the question…..

3 Post-Purchase Tips

Build Community

You and your clients have a vast set of interests, skills, and commonalities. To go above and beyond with your clients, identify areas of overlap and congregate on them. Maybe you could have a monthly webinar on a topic and invite clients to join. Or you could form a Mom’s group and refer trusted local service providers. Your relationships can go beyond financial transaction. Your task is to find a way to mine the value of the relationships you’ve formed.

Go Digital

A big problem every client has with every business ever is having to jump on the phone and speak with someone. Besides, these processes suck, even if I get to talk with a real human. How many of these problems can be handled through the web, without any interaction? Think of all of the common questions you get from clients and include them on your homepage. Invest in tools like chatbots and SMS automation to make things more convenient for your increasingly tech-savvy prospects. All in all, you’ve got to keep up with the digital wave.

Say Thank-you, Often

Yes, we’re a digital company, but time and time again, we tell our clients and readers, don’t discount the old way of doing things. In my personal opinion, one of the largest downsides of digital is that it’s killing human interaction. Today, people lack a human-touch in their relationship with their children, their friends, and co-workers.  I’d imagine, someday technology might even kill the interactions we have with our pets. Be that sense of warmth that’s missing. Tell them that you appreciate them,  write them the handwritten note, give them a phone call and say thank you. These things still go a long way.

insurance client experience

Focus On Your Insurance Client’s Experience

In conclusion, the largest digital brands in the world are what they are today because of customer experience. Google makes sure that we always find the information that we want. Amazon makes sure that we get the products we want, fast. Competing in the digital age will require that your insurance agency do as the giants do. Not to mention, if you do, you’ll clobber the agency down the street.

All in all, I’m interested, do you think you’ll use any of these tips at your insurance agency? If so, comment below and let me know!



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