16 Producer Recruitment Strategies So Crazy They Might Actually Work

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Question. Is the most exciting part of growing your agency helping more families protect their biggest assets or adding more key players to the team? As you ponder this question, I’m going to proceed down a different rabbit hole of digital transformation in this latest installment.

When you think digital recruitment, your mind probably immediately thinks sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, or Monster. But today, top candidates are more savvy and passive than ever. Their needs have drastically changed and not to mention they’re able to research and form an opinion on your agency before they even meet you.

It’s an exciting time to be employed in the insurance industry. According to Insurance Journal, “nearly 400,000 employees expected to retire from the insurance industry workforce within the next few years”. This fact, combined with all of the new opportunities available across every line of business in insurance, means we all are in store for something special in our space.

Digital is the most efficient and effective way to source candidates.

Keep outsmarting the other agencies, try these 16 out of the box digital recruitment strategies!

Places To Find Agents

One thing’s for certain, finding quality candidates is not easy. One way to help them find you is to set up nets in the places they spend the most time. Yes, your candidates use Facebook and Google, but they also frequent sites relevant to you and your service areas

Forums & Online Communities: Online groups and forums oftentimes contain some of the most knowledgeable potential candidates. These are your ambitious writers who love to talk insurance and share what they know. Some large agent forums and communities have hundreds of thousands of members. They are rife with recruitment opportunities.

Social Media: LinkedIn, enough said. Where else do you have access to millions of candidates, all who’ve listed their skills and talents for you to see?

Aggregators: Don’t use lead aggregators, use candidate aggregators! Save the time, source candidates from all the job sites like Workable or Greenhouse.

Craigslist: I know what you’re thinking… But hear me out, firstly Craiglist recruiting works when your listings are “ad-like”. With a little bit of copywriting and visual design, you’ll stand out from the pack. Secondly, Craiglist is a place to go to attract a large volume, from your local area.

Now that you know strategies to attack lesser-known channels, here are the attributes your candidates should possess to keep your agency on top.

“Now, carriers are widening their focus on all of an applicant’s abilities to zero in on where their skill set might best fit into the company.”

The Skills To Look For

According to SVP of an insurance recruitment firm, The Jacobson Group, Dave Coons, millennials will be the emphasis for headcount growth. When recruiting new millennial candidates to join the team there’s a few out of the box skills that we possess that are going to pay dividends for your agency.

Tech Savvy: Hire “techies”. Candidates with coding, programming, and general web skills will add value to your agency in more ways than one.

Client Service: The way that we’re thinking about client service is shifting drastically. The digital transformation has also brought client experience to the forefront. Us millennials, we know about the experience.

Knowledge Hungry: Millennials love YouTube. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine. It also contains the visual representation to many of the questions we have. Resourceful employers are going to find the answer for many of your challenges by doing some YouTube, like Google, research. If they use YouTube for the right reasons, hire them.

Social Media Savvy: Social media isn’t always a distraction. One viral post can change your agency forever. Hire those that are good at social media and understand how to get eyes on your business. They’ll naturally adapt and understand new networks and keep your team atop of the trends.

Now that we’ve identified some skills. Here are some demographics to reconsider and even actively target.

Imagine him for a sales manager…

Who To Hire

Underserved Populations: Consider the unconsidered. Underserved minority groups, veterans, immigrants, ex-convicts, senior citizen groups are all potential candidates. 

People Without Degrees: *Gasps*, a degree is not necessary anymore. Google and Apple don’t require them. You’ll be fine if you don’t either. Actually, you could train your employees through tons of courses just as good on sites like Udemy.

Outsource, Freelance, & Hire Contractors: Now you have a host of sources to hire help for quick projects or campaigns like Fiverr and UpWork. Access talent, worldwide.

Computers: Bring one more computer power and let the web do the heavy lifting. Frequent software review sites like Capterra before you bring on software solutions to your agency. 

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Wrapping It Up

Recruitment problems aren’t going away. But you can make recruitment easier on yourself and on your team. However, with these strategies, you’ll be equipped with a team that has the skills to carry you through the new era and you’ll understand how to reach an unconventional set of candidates. 

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