3 Things Every Insurance Agent Can Be Thankful For

The moment it became November, my mind immediately became fixated on thoughts of turkey, casserole, and sitting on the couch with my closest relatives rubbing my 10-lb food baby. Yes, it is that time of year people. But, besides the hot rolls, pumpkin pie, and American football, Thanksgiving is actually about giving thanks. What are you thankful for?

For insurance agents, Thanksgiving day is the perfect time to reflect upon the past year and find your answer. Throughout the year you’ve shown up day in and day out and performed a thankless task. You were there when accidents happened. You gave people peace of mind.  And we all should be thankful for your work. But in this post, I’m

“Damn, I am glad I am an insurance agent.”

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You Get To Actually Help People

I serve insurance agents. I like serving insurance agents. I’m thankful for the opportunity to serve insurance agents. However, whether I serve them or not, life will go on. You on the other hand, well, you are an insurance agent. You serve real people. mothers, friends, businesses, alike. Hopefully, you like serving people. But the point is, if you do not serve them, there are dire consequences. If there is no you, there is no protection and sense of security. Pause for a second and reflect on the craziest story of your client’s mishap. Isn’t it fulfilling that you got to get them out of that jam and back to normal? Be thankful that your job is to help people.

A Growing List of Tech Tools To Make Your Life Easier

The agent of today has so many different options when it comes to technology. There are a lot of different tasks that can be completely automated. In the past, agents would spend painstakingly long hours performing them. Cold-calling with the help of a phonebook and going door to door in the hot sun used to be the way you got it done. Today you use the web. Furthermore, you can use it to drive real interactions, effectively and efficiently. You can reach your entire book of business with the click of a button, no need to start from scratch. Technology cuts out the tedious, time-consuming tasks and allows insurance agents to focus on what you do best–build relationships. Take a second, what’s the tool or service that makes your life easier? Be thankful for technology.

insurance leads

A Rapidly Changing Industry

For some industries its the same ol’ same ol’ business as usual. For others, it’s dynamic and constantly changing. Right now, the insurance industry is in a unique place right now, something akin to the calm before the storm. In the past 20 years, our lifestyles the way humans interact has been shifted. The digital transformation has opened Pandora’s box to the possibilities. And now, the insurance industry is making a mad dash to keep up and adapt to the changes. Think about it, now we have usage-based insurance, the internet of things, and digital risks. Guess who’s at the end of all those changes? Guess who’s roles will be revamped and reconfigured to fit the need of today’s consume (hint, client experience will be #1)? Be thankful that your role is being completely revamped.

Give Thanks!

In conclusion, I hope this article helps you to reflect and be thankful for your career in insurance. Now before you go back and get your second helping of Thanksgiving dinner, share what you’re thankful for in the comments below. Happy Thanksgiving!


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