3 Things Most Insurance Agents Get Wrong On LinkedIn

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’d know that at Infinity Leads we are huge fans of LinkedIn. Actually, last year we shared why we believe LinkedIn is a gold-mine for insurance agencies. As an agency with over 8,000 agents on LinkedIn, we see the profiles and postings of insurance agents day in and day out. Some, have great LinkedIn presences. Their profiles are complete, they’re active users, and they get what they want from LinkedIn, a larger network and more sales. And on the other hand, the majority have LinkedIn presences that need some work.  Their profiles are nonexistent or they simply aren’t using LinkedIn to its fullest potential. And they lose out on all the benefits a free resource like LinkedIn provides.

Struggle no more! I’ve come to the conclusion that all of your ails come down to just three things. And not only will I share the 3 things most insurance agents get wrong on Linkedin, but I’ll also provide a suggestion of what you can do alternatively be more effective using LinkedIn.

linkedin for insurance agents

The Profile

The first thing that most insurance agents get wrong is their profile. Your LinkedIn profile is not a resume! Yes, originally LinkedIn profiles were meant to be just that, that’s why there was such an emphasis on past experience, your hobbies, and education. Today, LinkedIn is used to expand your network and connect with other professionals. This means, reaching and being found by the right people and the simplest way to be found is to stand out.

Our Suggestion:

Start with your target audience in mind. Build your LinkedIn profile around what you offer and how you can be of service.


Stand out on LinkedIn. Change your headline to represent what it is you really do!

The Posts

The second thing that most insurance agents get wrong is the post. I see all kinds of posts from insurance agents every day on LinkedIn. From the Happy Friday pic to the “get a quote” now posts, we’ve seen it all. But it gets worse, some of our agents even make religious and/or political postings. For some insurance agents, LinkedIn is to be used just like Facebook, but for our agents and subscribers, LinkedIn is not Facebook.

Our Suggestion:

LinkedIn is a place to establish thought leadership. Be an expert, that’s why we suggest creating educational postings aimed for your intended audiences via LinkedIn articles.


Have a special offer (e-book, free consultation, whitepaper) and include it in your LinkedIn links.

The inMails

The final thing that most insurance agents get wrong on LinkedIn is based on inMail, and it absolutely grinds my gears. Let’s just say that taking an automated, spray and pray approach to inMailing is a losing strategy. Furthermore, asking something of someone you’ve just connected with probably isn’t a good idea. Newsflash, people see your “get a quote now” messages as spam. Not to mention, the target just connected with you, they aren’t ready to get married yet.

Our Suggestion:

If you’re going to slide into your prospects DMs, do it with tact. Generally, asking how you can be of assistance or sharing some form of relevant news/information is a good step.


Share your freebie/offer to your connections via inMail on your first outreach.


Generating leads from LinkedIn doesn’t have to be rocket science. There you have it, three simple and easy suggestions for every insurance agent to lift-off his/her LinkedIn marketing. If you follow the three steps above in building a profile and interact with other users, you’ll quickly be able to grow your network and reach more insurance prospects.

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