3 Ways 4 Insurance Agencies 2 Bcome “Text” Friendly

3 Ways 4 Insurance Agencies 2 Bcome

Lately, one theme circulating around the digital marketing industry is driving phone calls to insurance agencies. Agents know that receiving phone calls from online consumers is essential to the success of their agencies. But with all of this talk about phone calls, we’ve overlooked engaging in texting with our insurance leads?
I mean, think about it…

How many text messages do you send every day?

If you’re anything like me or the average millennial, you spend a good portion of your day messaging back and forth with friends and family.
Texting is less invasive, faster, and frankly speaking, in a year where we complain about delivery times for meals ordered from our smartphone apps, it’s simply easier! With that being said, text communication should be an option for insurance clients to engage with your agency. And you’re in luck, it doesn’t take much to add texting to the equation. Here are three quick ways to make your insurance agency text message friendly.

1. Quote Forms
Like I said before, sometimes we just prefer to text. Most agents have quote forms on their websites. Wouldn’t this be the perfect opportunity to ask your prospect if they prefer texting? By simply including a “text me” option, you’re on your way to encouraging leads to text you. Texting insurance leads is not only a way to engage your lead in a more casual fashion, it is a more effective way to leave a “trails” than voicemails. For extra credit, including an instant messenger application to your website, can help you reach leads in real time leads, faster than texting. Wix has an incredible tool for instant messaging right from your page. CBox is also solid for those that use WordPress.

2. Digital Ads
On Google and Facebook, some of the most popular websites on the internet have options within their ads to send messages directly from the ad. On Google, you can give clients the option to send a text message requesting information or a quote directly from the search results. Don’t have a text message option? Google Voice and Google Hangouts are two free applications that could make your agency ready to receive texts within minutes. For Facebook, make sure you have someone keeping an eye on your page because Facebook provides the option to instant message through your Facebook page.

3. Just Do IT
It’s 2017. If you haven’t engaged your clients through text yet, you should try it. Today, phone calls and voicemails can be too forward. Direct mail is largely disregarded.Everyone’s flooding everyone’s email. And people don’t have the time to drop by your office. By giving your clients the space to respond on their own time you may just be taking a huge first step in building and maintaining client trust.

Texting can be the key to streamlining client communications. Even better, there’s plenty of free options available to facilitate the shift. Agents, make your agencies text message friendly. Your clients will love you for it. If anything they’ll see you as the coolest agency around. Want to learn more? Click here for more resources on improving your agency’s digital presence.

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