5 Insurance Agency Branding Secrets

What’s the difference between the insurance agencies swimming in insurance leads and the agencies in a lead drought? An attractive brand. Yes, an attractive brand. Let’s think about it in more familiar terms. Your insurance agency’s brand is your agency’s face. The brands that are “shapely”, “moisturized”, “smiling” are the brands that tend to attract more suitors. When we feel like our brand isn’t attracting enough suitors, we apply skin creams, teeth whiteners, and makeup. We trim and shape up our bears and mustaches, all in the hopes of putting out best face forward. These same concepts apply to your brand. When you’re in a lead drought, it probably has something to do with your face!

Whether your agency has been winning beauty competitions for years or just getting started, there are 5 fundamental pieces to building an attractive insurance agency brand that drives leads organically. Here are 5 secrets “beauty” tips of some of the best agencies.

insurance agency branding

Stay In Your Lane

Find a lane and then stay in it. Chances are your marketing dollars are limited. Instead of throwing those dollars against the wall and seeing what sticks, identify one area and concentrate your dollars (and efforts) there. This is part of the reason why we mentioned dissociating with your “golden-geese” clients could make sense for you.

Mitchell & Mitchell focuses on lawyers, CPAs, and dentists. Therefore, there’s a rare chance you’d find them marketing at an association of scuba divers. They’re going to be front an center at all of the events related to dentists, CPAs, and lawyers first. On LinkedIn they are only going to be looking for dentists. Their direct mailers will only be aimed at CPAs as opposed to everyone in zip code 90210. Their website will mention how they focus on lawyers, CPAs, and dentists. Eventually, when lawyers, CPA’s, or dentists need insurance, the connection will be made. This will not be serendipity. Catch my drift?

insurance agency branding

Forge Your Territory

There’s plenty of channels to choose from, instead of giving a half-assed effort on all of them, why not give full effort to a few of them?  20% of your marketing channels are going to drive 80% of your results. We want to find the 20%. Is your agency full of millennials that take a lot of photos? Channels like Instagram and Facebook are probably best for you to start. Is your primary market a small town? Then focus on traditional means such as billboards, word of mouth, and/or partnerships. Does your agency’s team frequent a lot of local places? Then Yelp, yes Yelp, is a channel your agency should focus on.  Step back, make a self-assessment of your agency, pick a marketing channel that aligns best with your agency, and then go all in! After you’ve identified that viable channel, expand into another.

Paradiso Insurance is the perennial example of social media mastery for insurance agencies. They invest over 30% of all revenues right back into marketing with a particular focus on social media. No, they don’t neglect offline channels, but early on they identified a working formula for social media and went all in. Eventually, they built systems for each and every popular channel and the leads started to rain down on them.

insurance agency branding

Be Different

Not every agency can have a beautiful face. A beautiful face typically comes with a significant investment in either time or money. If you’re just getting started building your brand and don’t have a lot of money, you could focus on the alternative, personality. In a crowded space, you’ve got to find a way to stand out. While some agencies focus on particular channels and others focus on particular lines, your agency can focus on the people behind the desks. Are you going to be an agency willing to meet clients at their house? Or are you the agency that has a staff decked out in red, white, and blue jerseys?

The Insurance Mom is probably the best example of an agency with personality. I mean cmon, this lady is absolutely genius. We all have a mom and we all need insurance. Her brand automatically resonates with all 7 billion people on this planet. Not to mention, she’s taken it a step further, by creating a whole character around the “mom” theme and sharing her best recipes with us on her website. Which leads me to wonder…would she deliver some of the acclaimed chicken soup to her sick clients?

insurance agency branding

Have A Service Guarantee/Promise

Client service is an important facet of your brand. Every insurance agency on the planet will tout their client service. How many of them are willing to make promises and guarantees behind their client service? How many are willing to provide the direct line or email address to the agency owner alongside their promise? Those that do address three problems at once. Firstly, guarantees lead to trust, trust in your brand. Secondly, acquiring clients is way more expensive than retaining them. Keeping your promises helps you keep your clients. And finally, dissatisfied clients talk, hopefully, they talk to the head honcho at your agency before they talk to their network about your brand.

The Turner Agency provides a multi-step promise that emphasizes one, always speaking with a friendly human voice and two, receiving an accurate quote over a fast quote. Not to mention, they, like many top agencies provide the direct email address and LinkedIn profile of every person on the team.

insurance agency branding

Associate Your Brand With Winning Brands

There are plenty of brands out there that people already know and love. Why not align your brand with another well-known and esteemed brand?  Allstate partnered with Uber. State Farm partnered with the Red Cross. While it’s unlikely that a multi-national corporation wants to partner with you, you can partner with other well-known brands. Think of all of the local mom & pop shops or family-owned businesses with strong reputations in your community. How could you associate your brand with their brand?

Plymouth Rock, a regional insurance agency partnered with the NFL team that epitomizes winning, the New England Patriots. They’ve not only positioned themselves with the year after year Superbowl favorites, but they’ve made it so that anyone who buys from them receives benefits from the Patriots. If I was a Patriots fan, it’d be a no-brainer on who I’m buying insurance from.

Wrapping It Up

There you have it, 5 keys to branding your insurance agency. Remember, your brand is what people say about your agency when you’re not in the room. How do people talk about your agency?


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