83 Post Ideas For Insurance Agents

When it comes to insurance agents and social media, some of the gurus believe that no one is going to care about you on social media. They’ll say “oh no one wants to see anything about insurance on social media, it’s so boring” or “you should only post when you have something to say.” They’ll go on about how the time and money put into it doesn’t get you any returns. These experts truly believe there is no lane for you on social media. I mean, some of you believe there is no lane for you on social media……….. (if that’s you raise your hand)

Well, non-believers, I’m here to tell you I think that’s complete bologna.

Well, not entirely. Yes, for the most part, no one cares about insurance, I agree. But that hasn’t stopped tons of agencies and agents across the United States from kicking butt on these platforms.

You should post and you should post often, but only as long as the posts are relevant. Now I know I did also just say that no one cares about your posts, but hear me out.  To be relevant means for your posts on social media to be “positioned accordingly”.  Positioning your posts the right way is simply you joining the conversation and “getting in where you fit in”. Every day there is a conversation on social media, your job is to join and contribute to it. I could go as far to say, you don’t even have to focus on insurance (hint, hint). Your social presence could play an entirely different position. Again, “get in where you fit in.”

The problem with that is sometimes its hard to figure out what the hell to or where to start. So I did some of the heavy lifting for you.  83 fresh ideas to get your social media marketing kickstarted.

Here’s a list of 83 social media posts ideas:

1.  How did your agency get its name?

2.  What’s a day like being you?

2.  What’s going on in your city/town?

3.  How do you want your agency/personal brand to impact the lives of the community?

4.  Make your most popular social media post into a blog post.

5.  What’s a common problem your services solve?

7.  Answer one of the most common questions you receive.

8.  Interview an industry expert or even one of your company members.

9.  Go behind the scenes at your agency. Take photos or video.

10. What’s new in the insurance industry or your local area? How do you feel about it?

11. Tell us about that time you took a house call.

12. How do you solve real problems for customers?

13. Have any client “feel good” stories you can share?

14. What sets you apart from your competition?

it’s not bragging if your agency really is better…

15. Find a question online that you can answer. (Look on Quora)

16. Share a sneak preview of something you’re working on.

17. Share some interesting personal data. How did a marketing campaign increase sales?

18. Ask some industry experts to answer a question for you, then post their responses.

19. How did you come up with the idea for…?

20. How do you get new ideas for your agency?

21. What events or shows will you be attending soon?

22. What have you done recently that you haven’t talked about? (Events, trade shows, launches…)

23. Honor an employee or team member for excellent work.

24. Ask someone in your industry to write a guest post.

25. Ask someone in your company to try their first blog post.

26. What does your office look like?

27. How do you encourage hard work or productivity at your company?

28. What sets your company culture apart from others?

29. Post a customer review and showcase the service it’s about.

30. Make a list of something, like “The 10 Most Common Questions” or “5 Things You Didn’t Know About.”

31. Link to a blog post or article in your industry and offer your own viewpoint.

32. Disagree with a viewpoint? Write a (tasteful) response on your blog.

33. Announce something new, like a social media account.

34. Introduce your team members. How do they make a real difference at your company?

35. What did you almost name your agency?

36. Who was crucial in starting your agency?

37. What’s something you do that blog readers might not know about?

38. Have you made any charitable contributions lately? Done anything great for your city? Talk about it!

39. If you have a physical location, what does it look like? How can people get there?

40. Does anyone at your company travel a lot? Post photos from their adventures.

41. Ask your CEO some questions about being CEO.

42. Throwing a party soon? Have a holiday coming up? Post some photos.

43. Who isn’t your service right for?

44. What tools or software do you use? How do they help you?

45. Where can readers get your services? Any new locations?

46. Show off any cool booths, store displays, or even advertisements.

47. Been on TV lately? Post the clip.

48. Give some advice to others based on your experience.

49. Relate a current event or news story to your agency.

50. How does your service fit into current trends?

51. What is the most unique way that someone has utilized your services or products?

52. Poll your readers or ask a few questions. Bonus: post the responses in a future writeup.

53. How has your agency changed in the last 5, 10, or 20 years?

54. What are you passionate about? Really, truly passionate about? Talk about it.

55. Who do you admire, and how have they motivated you or your company?

56. Do a year, quarter, or month in review post.

57. Do a roundup of other blog posts in your industry.

58. Write up some profiles of industry figureheads or leaders.

59. Link to some of your favorite or most successful blog posts.

60. Ask someone to interview you or your CEO elsewhere, then do a writeup with a link.

61. Post about a recent team-building exercise and how it helped you.

62. How has your company changed the world? (Or how will it?)

63. Hiring? Link to the opportunity and talk about the position.

64. Where else can we find you online?

65. Go behind-the-scenes of your website or blog redesign, relaunch, or update.

66. What’s going on in your industry that you want everyone to know about?

67. Explain a complex topic in simple terms. (For example, “An Introduction to Commercial Policies.”)

68. Write a guide to starting something new or tricky. (For example, “How to protect yourself from everyday risks.”)

69. Create a long, in-depth guide to something. (For example, “The Complete Guide to Insuring Your Vehicles As You Age.”)

70. Out of ideas? Bored? Unmotivated? Share something personal. It’s okay, you’re human, too!

71. Share something unusual, like your awesome chocolate chip cookie recipe.

72. Do you donate anything to charity? Write about the charity and why you chose it.

73. How is your industry changing?

74. What kind of testing or R&D is involved in your product development process?

75. Out of ideas? Ask your readers what they’d like you to blog about.

76. Get meta and blog about blogging. What have you learned from starting your blog?

77. Do an AMA on Reddit and link to it.

78. React to any really big industry news.

79. Advertise a webinar.

80. Link to a podcast you’ve done or been featured in (including a transcript).

81. Embed a presentation or SlideShare.

82. Link to any industry or company relevant YouTube videos.

83. Share any presentations or talks that are relevant to your brand or audience.

Don’t let them tell you that social media is not for you! You have a ton of topics that would catch people’s attention. Simply stay consistent and post kick-ass content, and your agency will stay top of mind. I just gave you 83 to get you out of an idea slump. Have any better social media post ideas? Let’s see what you’ve got. Add your idea in the comment section below and let’s see if we can get to 100!

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