A New Kind of Referral


Founded in 2004, Yelp was created to help everyday people discover local businesses. From hair salons, to restaurants, and even insurance agents, Yelp’s sole purpose is to help the consumer make informed purchasing decisions. With the sheer number of users that utilize Yelp, it has now become an essential platform for business owners ,including insurance agents looking to grow their book of business.

To help put things into perspective:

Since 2004, there have been over 135 million reviews written by Yelpers all over the world.

Yelp has an annual average of 28 million distinct visitors for the app and 74 million different visitors who visit Yelp through mobile web.

Finally, Yelp has an average of 83 million unique visitors per month who visit their website through their desktop computer.

With this many users on one platform, it would simply be naïve for insurance agents completely ignore this resource. As everything continues to shift towards digital, so have “referrals”. Yelp has taken the referral to a whole new level. Actually, for many demographics, particularly millennials, a company’s Yelp presence can hold more weight than the thoughts and opinions of their friends and family. Nowadays, a strong Yelp listing means a strong and consistent lead channel.

“Don’t worry, I’ll Yelp it!”

-a common catchphrase of millennials

It’s become such a norm to use Yelp before deciding to buy, that it’s already a verb. The modern consumer wants to know everything and have everything immediately at their disposal, and insurance agents have to keep up with that mindset.

Yelp users discover local agents on mobile and desktop devices alike.

Potential client or leads begin their search for information on Yelp and are met with a list of local insurance agents.

Which agents do you think the prospects look at first? There’s two types:

The first listed insurance agents, or the agents running ads that are displayed above search results and on your competitors’ pages on both web and mobile platforms.


The insurance agent with the most reviews

Reviews keep your business relevant and builds loyalty. 94% of users will trust a business with a four-star rating, 60% will trust a three-star rating, but two stars or lower are barely considered at all.


So ready to start generating referral leads from Yelp? Here’s a few tips to help you find exclusive insurance leads from Yelp:

1. Build and maintain an accurate Yelp listing with inviting photos of yourself, your family, your team, and or your location.

2. Incentivize your client-base to help you build some clout on Yelp. Ask your clients to write you a Yelp review.

3. Engage with your audience and reviewers. This means thank and respond to people who write you reviews.

4. Run Yelp ads. These ads will help you appear first on the search listing for the keywords you select. Also, Yelp is giving $300 in FREE ad credits to new advertisers.

5. Include a quote form on your listing. Offer free quotes for those who submit their contact information.

For the agent’s who are ahead of the curve, Yelp is an excellent tool to increase your visibility and drive leads from ready-to-buy consumers.

As Yelp increases in popularity, insurance agents with the strongest Yelp listings will continue to hog the lion-share of the “referrals”. Don’t get left behind. Get up a listing on Yelp and start getting reviews! Comment below and share your profile!

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