Our Story

Infinity Leads was created on the basis of building a stronger and more financially sound America🇺🇸. As millennials, we’re constantly bombarded with talk of the disappearing American dream. Every day we hear about looming debt crises, the disappearance of programs like Social Security, and with the reality of just how difficult it is for millennials like myself to even purchase a home.

And frankly, most of us feel completely helpless and don’t know what to do about it.

To make the problem even worse, the financial stewards with the knowledge to set us on the right path have a hard time finding, reaching, and resonating with the average everyday American.

Insurance is the moat that protects the castle 

At Infinity Leads, we strongly believe that insurance is the foundation to any semblance of financial stability. The first step in combatting a disappearing American Dream starts with protecting what we already have.

So we’ve decided to do our part and fight back

That’s why we set out to directly change and influence the way financial stewards reach and resonate with Americans. We’re leveraging the latest digital platforms to help insurance agents reach consumers and foster relationships online.

Our mission is to build bridges between financial stewards & consumers

By building these bridges, we’re doing our part in protecting what we believe in and ensuring stability for future generations.

Serving the Insurance Industry 

Infinity Leads does one thing and one thing only: grow insurance agencies. We’re the leading digital advertising agency exclusive to insurance agents.

All we do is insurance marketing.

We help our agency clients automate their marketing through managed digital advertising campaigns.
Infinity Leads keeps your agency ahead of the competition by consistently driving, high-quality prospects to your agency.

Our innovative technology, experience, strategy, and vendor relationships allow Infinity Leads digital advertisers unparalleled reach and insurance marketing abilities to provides your agency with truly measurable transparent returns on your insurance marketing dollars.

Behind The Name

Infinity Is Endless

We’re focused on long-term relationships. That means we go to extra mile to select clients we know that we can provide the most value to.

Infinity Represents The Maximum

We’re focused on constantly improving your results and maximizing your advertising budgets.

Infinity Is A Loop

We at Infinity Leads focus on the big picture. Connecting you with new customers and keeping you in the loop so that your brand stays in front.


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mission-insurance marketing

We at Infinity Leads are on a mission to help our clients promote their insurance agencies online and on mobile devices. We’re enhancing the way prospects find and reach out to you, as well as the way you connect with them.
Behind the scenes, our team of experienced professionals fine-tune our approach, adapts to the constantly changing online environment, follows trends and refines the tiniest of details to ensure optimal performance, consistently.
With a variety of exclusive service packages, Infinity Leads has solutions for insurance agencies of all sizes to grow.



Infinity Leads supports the Oakland community. Coming soon!

Game Theory Academy is a youth development nonprofit teaching young people how to make smart financial decisions.

Game Thoery Academy


Infinity Leads supports the InVest Program in introducing students to insurance and encouraging students to pursue careers in insurance.

The Invest Program is a nonprofit organization educating high school and college students about insurance and the wide variety of careers in the industry.