Infinity Leads is the insurance industry’s first “Customer Acquisition Agency”, with a focus around increasing your bottom line.

Infinity Leads delivers a comprehensive marketing strategy that will help your agency lead the pack. Through our results-oriented processes, we help insurance agents to position and brand their agencies while increasing traffic to their websites, converting more traffic to sales, improving customer satisfaction and, most importantly, increasing agency return on investment.

With Infinity Leads on your team, you will have a strategy that proactively keeps you ahead of Web 2.0 and the digital revolution. Rest assured that you’re using the latest technology to grow your insurance agency.

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Community Outreach


Infinity Leads supports the Oakland community.

Game Theory Academy is a youth development nonprofit teaching young people how to make smart financial decisions.

Game Thoery Academy


Infinity Leads supports the InVest Program in introducing students to insurance and encouraging students to pursue careers in insurance.

The Invest Program is a nonprofit organization educating high school and college students about insurance and the wide variety of careers in the industry.