3 Things Every Insurance Agent Can Be Thankful For

The moment it became November, my mind immediately became fixated on thoughts of turkey, casserole, and sitting on the couch with my closest relatives rubbing my 10-lb food baby. Yes, it is that time of year people. But, besides the hot rolls, pumpkin pie, and American football, Thanksgiving is actually about giving thanks. What are […]

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Demystifying Social Media For Insurance Agents

social media for insurance agents

Ask anyone under the age of 80 and they’ll tell you that social media has completely taken the world by storm.  Actually, with most brands we know and see, social media is the heart and soul of their digital marketing strategy. Insurance agents need social media too. The problem with it in insurance is that […]

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How To Use The Web To Sell More Insurance

sell more insurance

If you want to sell more insurance, let the internet do the heavy lifting. In 2018, nothings stopping you! Insurance brands like Progressive and Esurance do it every day. They attract prospects to their websites and sell insurance online and they don’t need huge physical footprints to do it. What’s even better, is that most […]

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The Insurance Marketing ROI Recipe

If you’re like most insurance agency marketing teams you typically have two thorns in your side. The first one (arguably the biggest one) is identifying marketing channels that bring in the dough. The second is actually figuring out how to measure what worked best, what didn’t, and why. On one hand, not knowing where to […]

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10 Ways To Better Serve Your Insurance Clients

insurance client experience

The money is in the renewal. The money is in the renewal. The money is in the renewal. Since the money is in the renewal, then we’ve gotta make our clients renew. Now some of the reasons why they choose to or not to renew are outside of your control, people are crazy and things […]

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