The Insurance Marketing ROI Recipe

If you’re like most insurance agency marketing teams you typically have two thorns in your side. The first one (arguably the biggest one) is identifying marketing channels that bring in the dough. The second is actually figuring out how to measure what worked best, what didn’t, and why. On one hand, not knowing where to […]

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10 Ways To Better Serve Your Insurance Clients

insurance client experience

The money is in the renewal. The money is in the renewal. The money is in the renewal. Since the money is in the renewal, then we’ve gotta make our clients renew. Now some of the reasons why they choose to or not to renew are outside of your control, people are crazy and things […]

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Help Us Make Something Incredible!

Here at Infinity Leads, we’re all about the insurance agents! We spend a huge portion of our time improving our services in ways that we think you’ll love. At the end of the day, after a countless number of espresso shots, we emerge from behind our computer screens hoping we’ve done a solid job at that. Over […]

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5 Insurance Agency Branding Secrets

What’s the difference between the insurance agencies swimming in insurance leads and the agencies in a lead drought? An attractive brand. Yes, an attractive brand. Let’s think about it in more familiar terms. Your insurance agency’s brand is your agency’s face. The brands that are “shapely”, “moisturized”, “smiling” are the brands that tend to attract […]

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10 Ways To Retain Insurance Clients

retain insurance clients

Last week, we shared some creative ideas to grow your insurance agency. From decking your team and favorite clients out in jerseys to leaving Yelp reviews on behalf of your agency, there are a million ways to stick out from the competition. After you’ve run engaging Instagram contests and plastered your fathead in the local nail […]

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10 Out Of The Box Ideas To Grow Your Insurance Agency

Growing a successful agency ain’t easy. You’ve got a million competitors, you’ve got major players dominating the market, and you’ve got the whole Silicon Valley licking its chops to disrupt your space. However, don’t let the news discourage you, your competitors will arrogantly rely on technology, massive budgets, and longstanding reputations, leaving you to rely […]

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The Hands Down #1 Way to Promote Your Insurance Agency

insurance marketing

20 years ago, if you wanted to promote your insurance agency to a large local audience, you probably used print images, like direct mail or billboards. Advertising insurance agencies simply blasted a mailer or put up a few billboards here and there, sat back and waited for the prospects to fall in. Nowadays, you still might […]

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