Demystifying Social Media For Insurance Agents

social media for insurance agents

Ask anyone under the age of 80 and they’ll tell you that social media has completely taken the world by storm.  Actually, with most brands we know and see, social media is the heart and soul of their digital marketing strategy. Insurance agents need social media too. The problem with it in insurance is that most insurance agencies just don’t get it. Not from lack of effort, but from a lack of understanding of how to use it in the right manner. I might be referring to you. You could currently be doing social media right now, every day, but still not seeing any results from your actions. You could be doing social media and only seeing a few likes an/or comments, but ultimately no uptick in business. Or you could be still on the fence, scared to jump into the digital realm known as social media as a whole.

Regardless of where you fall, there are tons of insurance agencies utilizing social media every day and finding success.I’m going to share with you some of the strategies and best practices used by social media savvy insurance agents on the most popular channels. By leveraging these strategies too, your agency will stand out from the pack, effectively promote your agency’s brand, and ultimately, sell more insurance!

social media for insurance_facebook


Facebook is THE most popular social network. Millions of people use Facebook daily to update their status, post pictures of their grandchildren and show the world that their lives are better than yours. Readers, riddle me this. Have you ever gone on Facebook and wanted to buy insurance? (I’ll wait…) The answer is a big fat no!!! Facebook. users. do. not. care. about. your. agency! They care about communicating with friends and family, showing off, stalking people, seeing funny stuff, and reading the news.

Tip #1: Highlight Your Clients

Facebook-savvy insurance agencies know that they’ll never sell a new policy by asking people on Facebook. They do understand, however, that they can use Facebook as a referral generating machine. And they do it by posting about their clients! After they’ve shared something about their client, they tag that client, and they leave a comment on the picture that invites conversation under said photo. Thus by promoting their clients in Facebook posts, they’ve given clients a reason to promote them.

social media for insurance_twitter


If Facebook is like a cup of coffee, then Twitter is a cup of tea. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is the one place to go for real-time news and conversation, often with people, you don’t even know. On Facebook, you know everyone, but Twitter is more like a conference, a conference with over 270 million attendees sharing their thoughts and opinions in real time. If posting about insurance doesn’t work on Facebook, it definitely won’t on Twitter. It’s simply too fast. Your message will disappear with the thousands of tweets being tweeted. Your reason for being on Twitter is to take this freely given insight into people’s minds and turn it into dollar bills.

Tip #2: Twitter Espionage

Did you know that you could use Twitter for espionage? Yes, actually, some agents take their Twitter usage to the next level and spy on prospects. They do this by setting up tweet notifications around certain terms and hashtags. Just imagine, users in your area are getting married, buying new cars, getting into accidents, having children, etc. Furthermore, they’re live tweeting when it happens. Get in front of these people first. Set up a net and catch these prospects with Twitter notifications directly to your inbox. Check out some good keywords to help you do it here. 

social media for insurance_linkedin


LinkedIn is the place to help you form and deepen professional connections. On LinkedIn, you can showcase your expertise, boost your company’s brand, and connect with professionals. Again, LinkedIn users aren’t on LinkedIn to buy insurance. Your prospects are on LinkedIn to find jobs, gain business intelligence on prospects, and meet other professionals. Therefore, your LinkedIn activity should be focused on sharing relevant content.

Tip#3: Articles & Boosted Posts

People join LinkedIn to be in the know. Establish your agency’s expertise by creating posts around common topics and subjects that (wait for it) actually interest your audience. But when creating these articles you have to think as a newspaper or magazine would. Focus on creating catchy titles, sharing quick and easy to digest nuggets of information, and most importantly telling client stories. Hypotheticals would even work in this same situation.

Want to kick it up a notch? Boost the post and get in front of more of the right prospects!


On the surface level, Google+ doesn’t seem like it’s worth using. It’s Google’s failed attempt at a social network. No one knows how to use it exactly but they should. Firstly, because all of the content posted is indexed immediately by Google (can you say S- E-O!) and secondly because most insurance agents are going to ignore this advice. Don’t be that agent, don’t miss this layup.

Tip #4: Google+ + SEO

If you’re posting content on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, repost it on Google+. It takes an additional 2 minutes but will work wonders for your website’s SEO. Remember, if you want to be in Google’s favor, use Google’s products. Don’t forget to include the keywords that you want to rank for!

social media for insurance_yelp


It is the place people go to find businesses they can trust. Yelp is not only another business listing site, but Yelp is a social-local platform and the 2nd most popular review site online. While your Google and Bing listings are more likely to be found by internet searches, Yelp is a channel you have to look good on. Not to mention, many insurance agents currently advertising on Yelp to show their reviews on similar agent listings. I’m not in any way suggesting that you go that far, what I am suggesting is you do what’s necessary to have an attractive Yelp listing. This means posting a bunch of photos and getting a bunch of positive reviews.

Tip #5: YEO (Yelp Engine Optimization)

Maximize the full potential of your listing. Firstly, FILL OUT THE ENTIRE YELP PROFILE! Don’t leave any part untouched. Secondly, use the keywords you want to rank high for in and throughout your actual profile. Finally, save your photos with the keywords you want to rank for and upload them. Treat it like you’d treat your website’s SEO, you” rank higher for it!

social media for insurance_instagram


Instagram is like Facebook’s cooler, younger sibling. IG should be used with the same mindset as Facebook. People only use “the gram” to look at cool pics or laugh at memes. Anything else is quickly scrolled past. If you’re going to create a page for your agency, you have to post mostly cool stuff. This means current trends, events, funny memes, and pretty photos. Violate these rules and #unfollow.

Tip #6: Meme, meme, meme, meme, insurance, meme, meme, meme.

Memes are the safest bet on IG. Everyone likes to laugh and memes make people laugh. I say use memes because, if you give me a laugh you’ve given me something…and I won’t hold it against you when you do make that post telling me I get a $20 gift card for referring my friend.

social media for insurance agents_snapchat


SnapChat is probably the most perplexing app for non-Millennials and Gen Z. I understand your pain. Yes, it sounds stupid. Yes, picture messaging does the same exact thing. Yes, all of the things you think are happening are happening on this app. That doesn’t mean your agency can’t benefit from Snapchat. Post stories of what’s going on in your office, post stories of your team outings, and post stories with relevant messages.

Tip #7: Geo-Filters

Want to use Snapchat to promote your brand? Use geo-filters. These are text and image overlays that will appear to all Snapchatters near your location. Insurance agents leveraging SnapChat geo-filters can send out a relevant message, use them to recruit new talent, and promote their brand to younger audiences. Give people a cool geo-filter on their snaps, they’ll reward you by using it and your insurance agency will get the credit for sponsoring the filter.

social media for insurance agents_quora


Quora is a place to share knowledge. Think Yahoo Answers but more hip and sophisticated. Insurance agents can use Quora to find their prospects biggest questions about insurance. Scour the page, check out the questions, and use this information in answering your current clients and prospects biggest questions. Not to mention, you can answer questions yourself!

Tip #8: Answer Questions

Want to be the expert? Answer questions on Quora. Pick a lane (commercial, health, auto, etc.) and dominate it! Set up alerts for questions containing different keyword phrases through Quora and be the first to answer. Don’t forget to link back to your website!


social media for insurance agents_youtube


YouTube is the new tv. YouTube is also the 2nd largest search engine in the world. People go to Youtube for video content, to answer questions, and to be entertained. Insurance agents on YouTube benefit two-fold. Firstly, posting videos work wonders for your SEO on Google and Bing. Secondly, YouTube is a great way to be seen by a large number of people. Curious in getting started with YouTube, consistency and niching out are key. Focus your efforts around 1-2 topics and post consistently, and eventually, your channel will drive more web traffic and get you, subscribers.

Tip #9: Quick Tip Video Series

K.I.S.S. Keep it simple stupid. KISS is key on Youtube. No one wants to see a 10-minute long video where you discuss all the ins and outs of insurance. Simply give us nuggets. The key, however, is to address common problems or stories. Particularly common problems and stories that will help you get found on search engines. This means focusing on creating short 2 minutes or fewer videos, with detailed descriptions, tags, a link to your website, and long-tail keywords. The money is in the descriptions so focus on relevant search terms for your agency, target demographic, and location. (i.e Business insurance in Monroe Louisana or car insurance for teens Detroit Michigan)


Pinterest is a network where people look for inspiration, including specifically seeking out ideas about new products to buy. If you choose to compete on this channel, you’ll likely be a big fish in a little pond of insurance agents. In spite of this fact, Pinterest is an extremely popular website. Pinterest’s claim to fame is that it has sent more referral traffic than LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube combined. This means that if they find you on Pinterest, people are more likely to visit your website than any of the aforementioned channels. If you want to shine on Pinterest, you’ve got to post all of your visual content here.

Tip #10: Infographics

On the internet, people want their information visual and easy to digest. That’s where infographics come in. And when it comes to Pinterest, there isn’t a more ideal network to find and share infographics. Quit blogging about insurance, create infographics instead.  Your infographics can have your branding built in too. No time to create infographics? Curate them around a number of topics and share them on Pinterest. That way you get the best of both worlds, by pinning the coolest infographics or other visuals related to your industry, you’re attracting the right followers and solidifying your brand as a knowledgeable contributor.

Wrapping It Up

There you have it, social media for insurance agents in a nutshell! All in all, social media doesn’t have to be difficult. With a focus on engaging the prospect and gaining valuable data, you can leverage these channels to sell more insurance. In closing, try any one of the 10 tips and let us know how they work out for your agency.

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