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When working with Infinity Leads all of the insurance leads are generated in-house. We place and manage digital advertising campaigns on your agency’s behalf. These campaigns generate a daily and consistent flow of prospects looking for insurance services.

Our method of lead generation not only guarantees lead exclusivity but also ensures the quality of leads.

Digital insurance Marketing is a modern and effective way for insurance agents to achieve the highest return on marketing budgets.

Years ago, insurance agents would employ teams to engage in labor-intensive and monotonous marketing. Forcing their teams to hit the pavement and canvas neighborhoods or spend their day cold calling and emailing leads to no avail.

The old days of insurance marketing are long gone.

Now digital advertising for insurance is one of the most competitive and challenging internet segments to break or compete in.

We know that most consumers who need insurance are increasingly spending their time online and on mobile devices. Digital Insurance Marketing sends these interested parties to your agency. Today, forward-thinking agents employ their teams to field inbound calls and online requests.The teams now devote their time to providing a better customer experience because the hard part of marketing (getting the people to come to you) is for the most part, automated!

Infinity Leads can help you generate insurance leads for a range of insurance services including:
Auto Insurance Leads
Home & Renters Insurance Leads
Life Insurance Leads
Final Expense Leads
Health Insurance Leads
Commercial Insurance Leads
Specialty Services Available Upon Request

Infinity Leads’ products and services are only available in the United States and Canada.

Infinity Leads’ takes the following 2 steps to maintain lead exclusivity:

1. Leads are generated in real-time and delivered as soon as they are generated

2. 15-mile radius restrictions for customers using geo-targeting.Infinity Leads’ takes the following 2 steps to maintain lead exclusivity:

1. Leads are generated in real-time and delivered as soon as they are generated

2. Geographic exclusivity

The leads are generated in-house, so they come directly to you in real-time.

Agencies with Premium Accounts fund their accounts directly through the advertising platforms. This ensures that you always have access to and transparency over your accounts.

Infinity Leads charges a percentage of your total advertising budget as a management fee.

For new clients, a one-time onboarding and account build fee will be applied.

Each new client brought on will be required to sign a 6-month or 1-year contract.

To ensure client satisfaction, Infinity Leads maintains strict and selective client onboarding policies. This simply means we can’t work with every insurance agency. We try our best to bring on only insurance agencies we’re sure we can help.

However, your satisfaction comes first, we understand that sometimes we fail. And because of that if you are not satisfied after the first 90 days, we’ll return the onboarding fee and the digital assets in-tact!

Get started in 3-easy steps:

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2. Schedule Onboarding Assessment

3. Create and fund advertising accounts

Start filling your insurance sales pipeline as soon as campaigns begin.