7 Out of the Box Strategies to Get More Insurance Referrals

get more insurance referrals

Who doesn’t love getting a referral? Its a sign of a job well done, its a sign of trust in your organization, and frankly, word-of-mouth is the best marketing any business can get. Ideally speaking, we would love if everyone simply referred us to their friends and family, automatically. But as you know, the hardest part of getting most referrals is the ask. But what if there were a way to set yourself up to get more insurance referrals, without even having to ask?

Let technology handle the dirty work, here are 7 strategies you can use to drive more referrals to your insurance agency.

2nd-Level Connections

LinkedIn creates a lane for you to do your homework before you ask for the referral. Obviously, this is most effective in the commercial space but can work for all types of agents. With 2nd level connections, you can find people connected to the people you are connected with. The best place to start is by making a list of people who’ve already referred your agency and adding them one by one on LinkedIn.


You form channel partnerships with brick and mortar businesses, why not form relationships with e-businesses that who rely on getting eyeballs on the web? Call it a digital loyalty program. You can promote each other with digital coupons, referral links, etc. The fact of the matter is, a ton of commerce happens online. Local e-commerce sites are ripe with opportunity for partnership and represent an untapped area of opportunity for internet savvy agencies.

Track By Channel

The idea is to create as many opportunities for your agency to “automate” online referrals. And it starts with the channel that you use. Most agencies will have a referral link on their email newsletters, signatures, website, or web listings. The problem is, you don’t know if it actually works for you because the results from the links haven’t been tracked. The easiest way to do this place different offers, links, or incentives on each channel, that way you can track what’s working and double down on that channel!

Focus On Review Sites

What does your agency’s presence look like on review sites like Yelp and Google My Business? Reviews are referrals essentially. They tell other people to proceed with your service or to stay away. By focusing on your building and improving your online reputation, you’re creating more opportunities for your services to be referred.

Make It Easy

Your clients are busy and have more important things to write about your services. Knowing this, you can be proactive and provide them with exactly what you need from them. Want an online review? Provide a direct link to the site. Want a referral, provide a template. Actually, here’s a template you can use for referrals today.

Include It In Your Forms

There are plenty of ways to ask for referrals on your forms. Whether print or digital, you can ask for referrals, automatically when you include a space for it on your forms. This can be done using in forms at the initial touchpoint, post quotes, and even post-sale.

Lead Magnets

Have a good piece of content that is worth sharing? Like a review, your content being shared is a stamp of approval on your brand. Take a roundabout approach by creating branded, evergreen, and cornerstone content that people share, keep, and reference. Some examples of this are, digital cookbooks, calendars, resource and reference guides, etc.

Wrapping It Up

All in all, don’t leave things to chance. Don’t wait for it to happen organically. Set yourself up to get more referrals, automatically using these 7 out of the box strategies.

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