Getting Your Insurance Agency Seen: The Importance of Impressions

Getting Your Insurance Agency Seen

Let’s face it, in order to market insurance services online, your agency has to be seen. In digital advertising, we call being seen on the web, an “impression”. Impressions are when an advertisement or any other form of digital media renders on a user’s screen. By definition, reaching the online marketplace starts with an impression and everyone wants the first one.


We all know that it pays to be first on search engines. How many times have you visited the second or third page of a search engine? Visibility is the hurdle that cannot be avoided. And prospects won’t look long. In order to sell insurance online, prospects browsing the web have to find you quickly. Yes, local search engine optimization can level the playing field, but paid search ads are always the first search results shown. And many insurance agencies are willing to spend to get that first impression.

Brand Awareness

Brands are powerful. Advertisers everywhere, run worldwide commercials, post billboards, and blast radio advertisements 24/7/365 for one reason and one reason only, brand recognition. Brand recognition is costly, but done correctly, aligns your brand with unique qualities that are attractive to your target market. People buy from companies they trust and identify with. Big insurance agencies know this. That’s why they deploy large digital advertising budgets to make sure their brand name comes first. On the other hand, independent agencies use geo-targeted paid search ads to build brand recognition in local marketplaces. Whether you’re a global company or the neighborhood agent, you want prospects to know and recognize your name online.

Paid search is the most effective way for agents to gain visibility and build brand awareness in a crowded search market. Agent’s be seen on the web! Showcase your brand and win more customers.

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