Why Analytics Matter To Insurance Agents (+EXAMPLES)

analytics for insurance

DISCLAIMER: This post is for insurance agents with their own website.

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Have you ever wondered to yourself, what is my website really doing? Are people who need my help really finding our page? Time after time, I run into insurance agents, $15,000 lighter, and after they’ve purchased the fanciest website around. I go onto the page and I agree with them. Their pages are indeed awesome. They have every feature. Chatbots, online quoting systems, videos, the list goes on. The problem is no one looking to buy insurance actually visits the site.  

According to Wikipedia, Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic, currently as a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand. Right now, about half of every single website on the web use Google Analytics.

I advise everyone I speak with to get it immediately. If you don’t know what’s happening under the hood, you can’t determine what’s happening with your engine. Google Analytics will give you that look. Analytics can help answer every question you have about your website, down to your multi-channel funnel.

Google Analytics For Insurance

Envision the internet as one huge digital mall and the way you go into a store is by typing in a web domain. Well, that’s actually what’s happening. Your website is your insurance agency’s storefront and your analytics are how you monitor the activity of your store visitors.

Google Analytics is easily added to your page with a page tag or tracking code. Once your code is set, any visitor who comes on your page’s activity will be tracked. Using your Google Analytics dashboard, you’ll be able to see different reports of what’s happening. With Google Analytics you can answer these 7 questions about.

7 Google Analytics Insights

Where are my web visitors coming from?

Are they finding us from another website or from our Facebook ads?

Where do most of my web visitors live?

My agency is located in 94027, I was surprised to find that most of my web visitors come from 91032 and 94035, not 94027.

How do web visitors interact with my site?

People on average spend 26 seconds on my site. They average 1.2 page views and then they leave. I spent $10,000 on my website!

How did my online marketing campaigns perform?

My marketing agency’s campaigns are performing well, I see that we got 35 people to call our phone from them in just one month!

What do people search to get to my website?

My agency is based in New York City,New York however our search report shows that most people find us from searching keywords from surrounding suburbs and towns like “condo insurance Brooklyn”.

Which of my web visitors did I retarget/re-market?

We ran a few campaigns going after the people we already have as clients and got them to bundle more from us!

Which social media sites get the most people to come to our website?

I noticed that our Facebook campaign generated a few leads, but not that many.

Wrapping It Up

How’d you answer those 7 questions? If you’re not 100% sure about what’s going on on your website, you need to set up Google Analytics right now. The data that your website generates tells a story. Listen to it and you’ll be able to make more informed digital marketing decisions.

Also, we’ve got something huge on the horizon. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn as it will be made available through our company page!

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