Google My Insurance Agency

Google My Insurance Agency

Do you want a free business listing on the most used website in the world? Have a Google account?

Well then, simply create a free Google My Business account!

What is Google My Business you ask? Well, it’s Google’s localized search listings. That means when people near you search for your insurance agency or insurance agencies like yours, your business appears in a fun and compact listing embedded in the search results.

You’re probably wondering,

“How exactly does Google My help me sell more insurance?”

I’m glad you asked. Google My Business is designed purely for two reasons.

One, to help businesses help people discover their business. Google does this by listing your company at the point of search.

And two, as a platform for businesses to engage and interact with prospects searching for insurance online! Google does this by integrating customer engagement into the search results.

With these goals in mind, Google has created yet another platform essential to doing business in the digital age. Discover how Google My Business helps attract new clients to insurance agencies.

The five key features that make the platform are:

#1. Localized Search Listings:

Make it easier for potential clients to find information about your business. Convey useful information about your agency such as office hours, contact information, and offering.

#2. Google Maps Integration:

Verify your business information and appear in Google Maps and localized searches. This quickly helps potential clients get directions to your office or contact details.

#3. Integrated Reviews:

Add some social proof. Let your happy clients speak for you. Include reviews and win over the on the fence prospects, right from your listing.

#4. Adwords Account Linking:

Running ads online? Sync your Adwords advertisements with the local listing extension and increase the effectiveness of your ads, while driving foot traffic to your office.

#5. Google My Business Websites:

Disclaimer: This is the feature that everyone will overlook and still complain about their SEO. Build the DAMN Google My Business website for your business. (Here’s mine for reference.)It’s a mobile-friendly site with a custom domain given to you by Google all for free.

Agents, Google rewards users who use Google tools. Want to grow your agency using the internet? It would be smart to take advantage of the many Google tools designed for business. Interested in learning more about the various tools of Google’s platform? Sign up and receive weekly updates designed to help insurance agents grow their agencies.

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