How Agents Are Using Facebook, Yes Facebook, to Generate Insurance Leads

How Agents Are Using Facebook

With over 1 billion users, Facebook is the 2nd most popular (behind Google) website on the internet. Given the mainstream popularity of the site, your current and prospective clients are more than likely using Facebook every day. Is your insurance agency engaging with them on Facebook? If not, the time is now for insurance agents to consider adding Facebook to their marketing mix.

Chances are your current, and prospective clients use Facebook daily to share content with their circles. As a result of millions opening their lives up to the platform, Facebook created robust systems to group and segment their users based on user information. Advertisers everywhere use Facebook’s four key targeting methods to identify and reach the ideal clients. Each targeting setting can be used to get the appropriate advertisement in front of the right face. Here’s how insurance agents can generate leads with Facebook targeting:


If you market to broad demographics, you can tailor your ads based on demographic properties like age or gender ​

If you market specialty or unconventional insurance to protect boats or aircraft create ads for people who have expressed interest in these types of products

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If you market to your local area, target your local area and if you sell state or nation-wide, set advertisements for locations you serve


If you market products that cater to life events (think marriage, funeral, childbirth, etc.) or behaviors, serve ads to Facebook users experiencing particular life experiences or who exhibiting these behaviors.

The most important thing to remember when advertising insurance products on Facebook is to deliver your message to the people who it resonates with the most. By segmenting Facebook users on their interest, demographics, location, and behaviors, agents can find the right people at the right time on the medium they use the most. Want to learn more about generating insurance leads using Facebook? Reach out today or sign up for our weekly blog posts for more information.

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