How Insurance Agencies Make A Killing With Digital Ads

How Insurance Agencies Make A Killing With Digital Ads

Over the past few years, a growing marketing opportunity has begun to take the insurance industry by storm. Local, regional, and national insurance agencies are using search engines like Bing and Google to put their marketing efforts on cruise control. The best part is, not is their marketing completely automated, but they’re making a killing doing so. These top-notch agencies have found a way to turn $1 into $2 with digital advertising. By paying for advertising placement on search networks, they’re leveraging the web to reach more potential customers, faster. On top of that, with the search engines handling the heavy lifting, agency owners spend less time chasing new business and more time improving building relationships.

Are you tired of struggling to keep your sales pipeline filled? Want to grow your agency on auto-pilot? Here’s why top-notch insurance agencies choose digital advertising to grow their business:

Drive Calls

If you own an insurance agency, you know just how important inbound phone calls are. While there’s plenty of ways to get more people to call your business, digital ads are the most efficient. We know that most people do online research before they buy. And with the majority of internet searches now happening on mobile devices, digital advertising has transformed the way insurance agents generate new business. The relatively new “click-to-call” and “click to message” features for digital ads allow buyers to reach out to you, directly from the ad. With the flip of a switch, agents can turn on their ads and keep their phone ringing with new prospects, on auto-pilot!

Drive Local Web Traffic

Most insurance agencies have a website. Most insurance agencies have web traffic. In 2018 simply having a website is not enough. Insurance agencies have to attract searchers intent on finding insurance to their page. The best way to attract them is by appearing at the top of the search results. You could rely on an SEO specialist to get you to the top, but nine times out of ten the companies at the top of the search results page are advertising on Google or Bing. The agencies that dominate the top spots in the search results get the lion share of people searching for insurance.

Maybe this is why your SEO guy never got your website to the top?

While most agencies do need some form of search engine optimization, the ones serious about dominating the web focus on paid traffic.


Drive Local Foot Traffic

Finally, while the insurance agencies that advertise dominate the online space, they also use ads to dominate offline. They’re driving actual foot traffic to their business with online ads. Imagine the value of creating face to face relationships with prospects from a digital ad. Prospects willing to visit your agency have a higher probability of closing and present an opportunity to cross-sell. Both Google Maps and Bing Maps know the exact coordinates and borders of millions of businesses globally, and with their integration into search ads, nearby searchers can prompt the directions to your business from an ad.

In Conclusion

Keeping a filled sales pipeline doesn’t have to be tough. With the proper strategy and know-how, your agency can begin to drive phone calls, web traffic, and local foot traffic on autopilot. Need help automating your insurance agency’s marketing? Subscribe to our blog and get more ideas to turn the dial on your agency’s growth.

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