How Insurance Agents Can Embrace Technology

How Insurance Agents Can Embrace Technology

Over the last couple of years, you may have been hearing about an inevitable disruption of the insurance industry by technology. And it’s not surprising….at all. Silicon Valley has insurance in the crosshairs. We’re inundated with outlandish themes of insurance sales moving online. And supposedly artificial intelligence machines will replace insurance agents. (Could you imagine buying insurance from a robot?)

And as with any hot new technology that comes onto the scene, insurance agents are chiming in with, “Will this I still have a job?” “…and, how?”The short answer? Maybe. The long answer? Yes, but only if you embrace and adapt technology.

Many insurance agents today continue to rely on their selling abilities, while failing to build digital infrastructure and digital assets. These agents generally sell a lot of insurance and receive a steady stream of referrals. On the other hand, some agents supplement their selling abilities with strong online and social presences and are marching towards automating their marketing. With the time saved finding new customers, these agents are freed to invest more time in servicing their client-base. Over time, the added time and lower cost to acquire a new client will become a competitive advantage for the digital insurance agent.

Simply stated, the forward thinking agents will win in 2017 and beyond. Actually, Ashish Nangla, senior director of insurtech & digital transformation at Synechron, told Insurance Business“The agents that are just doing sales, they will be disrupted for sure. But agents who are working on value-added services, and who are establishing value in the insurance chain, will be able to continue as a business,”

Agents, you have a lot of work to do to shake the “slow to move” label. Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Embracing Technology: 20 Quick & Creative Ways To Sell More Insurance

Sales & Marketing

1. Build an engaging (keyword: engaging) website

2. Integrate Google Analytics to track and visualize how people interact with your website

3. Create a Google+ and claim your Google My Business page.. a no-brainer

4. Claim your Yelp page and watch over your reviews like a hawk

5. Use online freelancer sites like Fiverr and Upwork to get affordable help on marketing projects

6. Use social media and audience targeting to prospect for new insurance leads

7. Create a referral system with complimentary businesses (such as auto dealers, real estate agents, and law firms) using the Google Display Network

8. Advertise online and remarket to people who have visited your website with digital advertising

9.Write a weekly Linkedin posts (yes, you should be using linkedin)

10. Read and learn from other insurance marketing experts such as Insurance Splash or Chris Paradiso Insurance

Customer Service

1. Create a Youtube channel designed to educate and answer frequently asked questions

2. Text your millennial clients with policy updates

3. Add a live chat feature on your website

4.Employ an artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) chat box

(yes this sounds crazy, but you can get these for free here plus you probably use one everyday )

5. Host live webinars and Q&A sessions

6. Follow and talk to your clients on social media

7.Schedule notifications and auto-alerts for client events such as birthday, policy expiration, policy changes, etc.

8. Get an app built for your agency

9. Send an annual customer service survey using SurveyMonkey

10. If you don’t have a CRM, utilize free one’s like Hubspot and Zoho to manage customer relationships

Tech savvy agents will tell you will be the first to tell you….technology doesn’t have to be scary. And it doesn’t have to be a threat. Technology should be used as a tool to enhance the way you reach and service your clients. And in the digital age, many of the best software tools are free and easy to use. A digital overhaul doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Try a few of the tips that pique your interest and test the results. Have you found new ways to marketing your insurance agency? In what creative ways have you used it to promote your business? Comment below and let us know!

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