How to Get Free Insurance Leads

How to Get Free Insurance Leads

What if I told you I know a free online tool that can generate more insurance leads than your website? Would you be skeptical? Would you jump at the opportunity? Well, actually I have told you. In a previous post on why you’d be crazy not to be on Google My Business, I laid out 5 huge reasons to claim your 100% FREE listing. Today, I’ll share the 3 easy steps on turning your FREE Google My Business listing into a insurance lead producing machine.

But first, how is Google My Business better than my website?

3 words. Local. Search. Optimization.


We know that approximately 80% of consumers research online before making a purchase. And chances are those consumers are using Google for their research as approximately 80% of all searches originate on the search engine.

Finally, according to Search Engine People, different studies have put the search traffic share of the first position at around 33%, with the second position getting around 15% of share, 9% going to number 3. At minimum, 75% of clicks go to the first page of search results. This means 57% of search traffic (and subsequent buyers) go to the top 3 results. In other words, it pays to be ranked high on Google (especially on mobile).

Example Google Search: Insurance Agency (desktop)

Example Google Search: Insurance Agency (mobile)

& So why is Google My Business better than your insurance agency’s website?

Well, as you can tell from the pictures above, unless you’re advertising your insurance agency with Google Adwords, your insurance agency’s website is under the Google My Business listings and likely fighting for web traffic crumbs.

What is this local search engine optimization again…?

Local search optimization is the process of increasing the search visibility for businesses that serve their communities face-to-face. Many local searchers are looking for insurance quotes or information on a specific type of insurance, but many who search don’t have a specific insurance agency in mind when they begin their hunt.For example, if you searched for ‘car insurance’ on your desktop right now, Google would provide you with results that are nearest to you. Local SEO is what makes your insurance agency listing appear when a searcher in your general vicinity is looking for insurance. And the fastest and easiest way to increase your local SEO today is by claiming your Google business listing.

Now you’ve caught my attention, what exactly does Google My Business Do….?

1. Drives & Tracks Calls to Your Insurance Agency

Infinity Leads managed Google My Business Listing for CA-based Insurance Agent.

2. Drives Traffic to Your Brick & Mortar Location or Website

Infinity Leads managed Google My Business Listing for CA-based Insurance Agent.

… Google My Business generates insurance leads!

I want an insurance lead generating machine! How do I claim my Google My Business listing?

Simple. I’ll show you how in three easy steps.

1. Go to and sign in with the Google account you use to manage your business.

2. Search for your business by business name and address. If you see a dialog letting you know that someone else has verified the business click here for further directions. If you don’t see your business listed in the menu, click No, these are not my businesses or I’ve correctly entered the business. You’ll then be prompted to enter some details for your business & submit!

3. Post content (text, video, & photos) to your Google My Business listing and create your (also) free Google My Business website and start generating insurance leads today!

Google My Business is a simple, easy, and free way to grow your business. Insurance agencies everywhere are using this free online tool to drive phone calls and web and foot traffic. Get in front of your local customers by claiming your free Google My Business listing.

Need help claiming your Google My Business listing for your insurance agency? Reach out to Infinity Leads today!

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