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20 years ago, if you wanted to promote your insurance agency to a large local audience, you probably used print images, like direct mail or billboards.
Advertising insurance agencies simply blasted a mailer or put up a few billboards here and there, sat back and waited for the prospects to fall in.
Nowadays, you still might be doing it and you’re probably noticing they just aren’t working like they used to. And there’s a clear reason why. Your prospects don’t care about their mail or about billboards as much, because they’re too focused on their phones. Even when they check the mail, their phone is in the other hand… and it’s occupying up their attention.  And unfortunately for you (in more ways than one), the same is likely happening as they zoom past your billboard.
Hear that?
That’s the sound of your investments being flushed down the drain.
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10 years ago, if you wanted to promote your agency to a large number of people, you would have to get on their phone. Fast forward to 2018, and even that’s not enough. Now you have to tussle with millions of apps for 2 seconds of the prospect’s attention.
In the post-modern era, if you want their focus and attention, you’ve got to take drastic measures.
And if you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking… …what the hell do I have to do to get and keep their attention?
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Three Attention-Getting Methods To Try

Well, I’ve heard of a few things working before, but I don’t know. I’ll let you be the judge.


Firstly, you could start to kidnap random local prospects en masse, tie them up, and force them to read your marketing materials.


Or, you could buy a huge retractable banner, grease yourself up, and run onto the field at the next local sporting event.


And if all of that doesn’t work, you could pay massive amounts of money to steal their attention.


You may be saying to yourself, this guy has lost his mind those things would never work, but I beg to differ. Well, I can’t exactly vouch for the first two ideas, but the third one works. And I know it Why? Because, for years, some of y’alls largest competitors have been using the last idea.


Don’t believe me?


How many times have you find yourself randomly humming tunes like this..?


or this?:


You know they say that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Before cellphones took all of our attention, we gave our attention to the television. And the biggest brands in insurance capitalized on that. For years they paid lots of money to steal your attention by interrupting your favorite show and smashed quarterly targets as a result.
Today, the ante has been upped. Now we have 10x the channels with video media on social media and mobile apps competing for our attention. Actually, in the United States, about  75 million people watch videos online each month and 40 billion videos streamed monthly. And today, YouTube is America’s favorite channel with the lion share of online videos being watched on the platform.

The Future of TV

YouTube is the future of television. The free video sharing service is a place where users can watch, like, share, comment, and upload their own videos. These videos can be seen on desktop, tablet, and increasingly through mobile device. In addition, this online video platform is also a place where content creators can create channels and upload videos for the public to enjoy. The beauty of YouTube is that people like you and I are the product. Content creators on YouTube come in all shapes and sizes and are called YouTubers. YouTubers create videos on millions of topics and trends for people like me and you to enjoy. On the other end, users like you and I pay the bills with our attention. Like traditional tv commercials, YouTube ads drive a massive portion of YouTube’s revenue. These “commercials” or YouTube ads, steal our attention before the videos begin and at key points throughout the user-generated content. Can you guess what’s going to trend next in insurance?
However, if you’re completely out of the loop, here are some quick stats to give more context:

5 Quick Facts on Youtube

1. YouTube is the 2nd largest search network behind Google.
2. YouTube has approximately 1.57 billion active users
3. Over 5 billion YouTube videos are watched every day.
& last but not least
5. Less than 10% of U.S small businesses use YouTube to promote their business (so imagine how many insurance agencies are doing it…?)


YouTube Advertising for Insurance Agencies

What do all of these stats mean? Well, that YouTube is THE most effective place to place your video content seen.
Actually, forward-thinking disruptors in insurance like MetroMile and Lemonade Insurance agree. That’s why they have already gotten a headstart in dominating the YouTube market.


Not to mention, these brands are absolutely killing it with millennials by running YouTube commercial ads that target people by age, location, and even interests. They want your meal ticket and are investing in the latest digital technology to get it!

Four Reasons To Promote Your Insurance Agency on YouTube

Most insurance agency owners know that video is powerful promo tool. Actually, most of them I know either want to get their own video for their agency or have one and don’t know how to get it out to the world. All in all, they aren’t taking action when there is no time to wait! Now, more than ever, promoting video content is a must for local and regional insurance agencies. Furthermore, here’s how your procrastination is costing you:


Traditional marketing solutions allowed you to target based on methods such as demographics, income, location. YouTube has taken it a step further. YouTube video advertising lets you define who you want to reach by demographic groups, interests, life events, topics, keywords, and more. You can even reach people who’ve already engaged with your website.


In the past, the largest insurance companies in the world used the television to reach mass audiences. Since then, YouTube has opened the floodgates. Now, insurance companies of all shapes and sizes can get their promotions in front of local audiences by radius from their office, state or zip code, and even by country on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices!


Pricing is simple, set a budget that works for your business and run your ads. In addition, you pay only when your ads are viewed.

No Competition

Chances are, the agency down the street is not doing it. Beat them to the punch and imagine the look on their faces when they see one of your ads.

Wrapping It All Up

The time is now. It’s clear the best way to promote your insurance agency is with video. And in this day in age, local insurance agencies have the power to convey their video messages to a large number of people. Furthermore, as marketing continues to shift towards video, tech-savvy insurance agencies are following suit by focusing on creating and promoting high-powered video content.
Interested in YouTube advertising for your insurance agency? If you’re thinking about running an ad on YouTube, Infinity Leads can help. From creating the video advertisement with Powtoon to running the YouTube campaign, our team does it all. Reach out today and get started! Already advertising on Youtube? Check out The Digital Insurance Agent for tips and tricks to enhance your YouTube ads.

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