A Checklist Guide To Getting Your Insurance Agency Seen By The Right People Online [+PDF Checklist]

insurance audit checklist

Business is easier when it happens online. When you invest in your digital presence, the returns come ten-fold. People who you originally couldn’t reach, now find their way to you. The people in your area who need insurance, just so happen to click on your agency, despite all of the other competitors. What’s even better is it didn’t require you to move mountains, the internet did all of the work. You begin to think this digital stuff is magic.

Now there’s really no debating the effectiveness of digital marketing. It’s on the agenda of every single CMO in insurance today. The biggest and best companies to do it are on a mad race to leverage the latest and greatest in technology like social media, AI, IoT, and automation to gain and maintain market share. As the industry adapts to the digital transformation, the concept of using digital strategy to attract your ideal customers is at the forefront.

But digital customer acquisition isn’t really that new of a concept. Actually, the term as referenced by Hubspot who define it as, the process of bringing new customers or clients to your business, has been around since 2004. If you were in let’s say, e-commerce, you couldn’t even compete without it. This space-age form of direct-marketing has been well studied and has a ton of data behind it. Digital customer acquisition is so effective, a few carriers you know even built their entire business model behind it.

All in all, in the industry we have to be aware of the fact that the digital wave is here stay. It’s already so ingrained into our daily life that most couldn’t imagine their lives any other way. Furthermore, digital technology shifts rapidly and will be unforgiving to those who fail to adapt. On the same note, we must avoid the trap of following the crowd and jumping from the latest digital trend to the next. Technological trends will come and go, but having a holistic system and strategy that evolves with said trends, is the answer.

I’ll wrap this thought up and say to you, as you’re reading this, looking towards the future, the first step forward is by taking account of what you’ve already done. That’s why we created a checklist to help you audit all the major functions of any digital marketing system.


Start With Strategy

Now before we dive too deep, an audit would be completely useless if you are operating without a strategy. Without a clear plan for what you want to happen on the web, you’ll never know where you want to go. Undertaking this journey with no plan will lead you to try a few new things here and there, but never finding the right recipe, and ultimately giving up.

First, you need a marketing system.

Need help devising that system? Download a free PDF copy of the revamped Insurance Marketing Playbook 
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insurance audit checklist

Insurance Audit Checklist

After you’ve completed each step of the marketing playbook and honed in on the right strategy, you’ve got to figure out what you’re doing well and where you’re lacking with a comprehensive digital audit. The digital audit will shed light on what happens in your digital storefront. You’ll explore your presence on every viable lead generation channel. You’ll optimize your insurance agency’s brand and technical performance online. Heck, you might learn so much, you might start calling yourself a techy.

So with that being said, by the end of this audit, you’ll have complete certainty on 2 things. Firstly, you will be able to uncover new opportunities on your most effective online marketing channels. Secondly, you’ll have a more clear picture of where to invest marketing resources.

Secondly, at Infinity Leads, we’ve pioneered a customer acquisition strategy tailored for insurance, want to learn more about it? Find it here.

Are you ready to go? You’re about to get a step-by-step insurance audit checklist that will improve your digital marketing in less than 24 hours. Get it here.

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