Is Linkedin A Gold Mine For Insurance Agents?

Is Linkedin A Gold Mine For Insurance Agents

Last week I shamed all of the readers who weren’t visible on Google My Business. This week I’m going to shame all of you who are not using Linkedin. First off, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? If you didn’t know, Linkedin has over 400 million users making it the largest online professional network. Secondly, Linkedin is the professional version of Facebook. I don’t know about yall, but this tells me every insurance agent should have a strong presence on this platform. Yes,Infinity Leads usually promotes Google and Facebook as the best platforms for insurance agents to generate leads. By no means are we Linkedin , but we do know value when we see it. For insurance agents building their digital footprint, Linkedin is a gold mine that every insurance agent’s marketing plan should include. The numbers don’t lie.

Quick Stats

Over 400 million total Linkedin users

According to Linkedin, 44% of Linkedin users earn more than $75,000 per year

41% of millionaires use Linkedin

Over 80% of B2B leads come from Linkedin

The use of LinkedIn company pages grew from 24% to 57% YOY

If you’re reading this you should have dollar signs in your eyes right now. What other website helps you get in front of affluent professionals and business owners in your area? I’m waiting…. Well, what are you doing? Go get on Linkedin!

Ready to start finding gold on Linkedin? Before you start, here are 5 Linkedin essentials :

1. An All-Star Profile

Before you start browsing for gold on Linkedin, make sure your profile is in top-notch shape. Achieving All-Star profile status means that you have a page that’s complete and compelling. Optimize your page by including things like relevant keywords, skills, and interests.

2. Group Membership

This part is key. Seek out the areas most likely to be filled with gold. Join and contribute to the groups where your ideal prospects are likely to be. Secondly, discover and share prospecting tips with others mining for gold in relevant industry groups.

3. Publish Content

Or in other words, use tools. You want to find gold, you’re going to have to dig. And you’re going to need some help. Consistently posting targeted and engaging content is the best tool to break through short attention spans and crowded newsfeeds.

4. Connect

With Linkedin’s targeting features, you can sort the gold from the pyrite. Filter prospects by categories such location, job title, and degree of connection to find exactly who you want to reach. But don’t forget to connect with them!

5. Advertise

The last piece to finding gold on Linkedin is by running targeted advertisements. Mine outside of your network by promoting your posts and running Linkedin ads to relevant audiences.

The statistics prove Linkedin is THE marketing channel for insurance agents seeking affluent clients. Luckily you’re 5 steps away from finding Linkedin gold. Happy Hunting! Interested in learning how to generate leads with other digital platforms? Reach out or subscribe to our weekly newsletter today!



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