Sell Insurance? Here’s How to Use LinkedIn to Generate New Leads

LinkedIn is not just a website for jobs and professional networking. I repeat LinkedIn is NOT just a website to find jobs or networking opportunities. Yes, we use it to show showcase your work experience and connect with other professionals, but LinkedIn’s true value lies in the fact that there’s over 500 million active users or more than enough potential clients to keep your insurance agency busy.

Commercial insurance agents need to find business owners and executives. Life insurance agents want to find business owners and executives. Health insurance agents want to find business owners and executives. On LinkedIn, your prospects self-designate themselves by job title, what better place to find them than LinkedIn? It’s clear to see that with the proper know-how, LinkedIn can be one of the most powerful marketing tools for an insurance agent or agency.

Ready to learn how find new business on LinkedIn?
Below are LinkedIn some organic and paid marketing tactics for insurance agents to attract more clients and transform their business.

The Organic Stuff

The Paid Stuff:

Company Branding

Having a LinkedIn page for your company showcases your brand, builds trust, and gives prospects interested in your business something to see. Use it as an opportunity to tell your insurance agency’s story and share relevant content. But don’t forget, while a company page is necessary, the real results will come from branding through your personal LinkedIn profile. Plus, involve your team! Make your employees your online company ambassadors and sync their profiles to the company page.

Prospecting and Connecting

Connecting with new LinkedIn users is the essence of LinkedIn. LinkedIn provides robust filtering options to allow you to find new prospects by name, position, location, company, and relation to your personal network. Prospecting and connecting is the bread and butter to growing your agency. Use LinkedIn to find your ideal targets. Find them by employer, alma mater, or even non-profit affiliation. Whatever you choose to get on LinkedIn start connecting.


Want to establish expertise and thought-leadership? Then start drafting and sharing insurance related content via the ‘Share an update’ status bar feature, not only is that content shared in the Home news feeds of your page followers if people comment or like your updates, it is then shared in the news feeds for their connections to see as well. Therefore, the more engaging your content, the further its reach.
Better yet, the content shared from your insurance agency’s LinkedIn page is ranked on the web – therefore it impacts your agency’s SEO ranking on Bing & Google as well.

LinkedIn is a DIY tool with plenty of free and organic methods to grow your agency. That’s why our recommendation is to exhaust your organic options before leaping into paid. However, once you’ve got a following and solid understanding of LinkedIn, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions has 3 solutions to align with your marketing objectives.

The Paid Stuff

The Paid Stuff-

Linkedin Sponsored Content

Get your insurance agency’s content in front of the right people. With targeted native ads, your brand’s best and most relevant articles will appear on the desktop and mobile feeds of the prospects it’s most likely to resonate with.
Whether you want to drive new leads, increase brand awareness, or build ideal audiences, native ads provide a subtle option to reach more qualified prospects.

Sponsored InMail

Know exactly who it is you want to reach? Send personalized messages to your ideal clients with Sponsored InMail. This works best for agents targeting C-levels from particular business industries. The bow and arrow approach only requires that you pay when a message is delivered. The best part is inMails are only delivered when your target is online or when your prospect is most likely to read it.

Text Ads

The final paid option for Linkedin is their pay-per-click offering, text ads. LinkedIn text ads allow you to reach the right people and drive traffic to your insurance agency’s website. These are ads shown based on similar interests and typically fall underneath the “People You May Know” section. You might be thinking, “that doesn’t work, who clicks those ads anyway? ” Well, with LinkedIn text ads, your insurance agency’ will only pay for the ads that work. Depending on your preferences, Linkedin only charges based on clicks or per 1,000 impressions.

If you’re serious about digital, becoming proficient with LinkedIn should be a high priority for your agency. LinkedIn marketing like most forms of marketing will take time and effort. However, the juice is definitely worth the squeeze for those insurance agents who establish their expertise and authority on LinkedIn. Want to learn more about generating leads through Linkedin? Make sure to check out The Digital Insurance Agent coming in May 2018.

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