How The Insurance Agency Down The Street Beats You With PPC Pt 3: Writing Quality Ads

advertising for insurance

Okay kid, you’re doing great! If you caught us the last time around, you know how to find the best keywords for your insurance agency to advertise on. You’re scoring new points (leads) on the keywords that none of your competition know about. You’re getting more and more calls and paying less than the rest for them.

So, you’re here on the final stretch, about to cross the finish line. You’ve been through the trials and tribulations of targeting the right audience and finding the best keywords. Now you’re ready for the bright lights. This will be your biggest test to date, but if you’ve caught our last training sessions on location targeting and keyword research, you’re more than prepared to win the big fight.

Now it’s time for the fun part, the championship fight. All the hard work has been put in already, now we just have to make some decent ads!

advertising for insurance

How To Write Insurance Ads

What’s the number one way to stick out from your competition? Do the things that they don’t do! While your opponents are focusing on how the everyone else trains, we will focus on building upon our strengths. Moreso, we will emphasize our strengths in our ads in a way that our opponents won’t.

advertising for insurance


As you can tell, your insurance competitors will always play it safe. We, on the other hand, are going to be bold! Your style will be different, your style will capture attention, and induce engagement. Our bold style of ads will convey the messages we want while still being relevant to online searches. Here are 5 ways to make sure your ads are bold and enticing:

Be A Little Provactive

Being provocative is an easy way to grab people’s attention. Obviously, we want to be good sports but being a little risque can get people interested. In boxing, when you enter the arena, you show up with an entourage and play a menacing walkout song. We’re going to do the equivalent of this with your ads.

Here are some examples of direct, provocative language you can work into your insurance ad copy:

Your Insurance Agent Isn’t Good Enough

You Need Our Top-Notch Service

The Cool Insurance Agency

Your Premiums Should Be Lower

Use Active Language

Strong punches make more exciting fights. Strong verbs make for better ad copy. So think strong verbs.  When writing your insurance ads, imagine that the person in your area searching on Google is thinking “I want to…”. Your ads should complete that sentence.

Respond To Objections In The Ads

Champ, you’ve got to anticipate punches and counter them. Insurance is jam-packed with competitors, often times the choice between your agency and another comes down to cost and how much of a hassle will it be.

Your ads should tell potential buyers:

How much they could save

How easy it is to switch

How long it will take

Trigger Some Emotion

You can provoke emotions with your ads… and you know what happens when you provoke emotion. A great comparison is Muhammad Ali’s antics, imagine how his opponents felt after they gave it their best and he showboated. Look to include positive emotional triggers, such as affirmation, flattery, and humor in all of your ads.

Give Them A REAL Reason

Finally, we’ve got to give them a real reason to act. We need to do more than say “get a quote now” like everyone else. We have to tell our prospects:

Exactly how much they can save with numbers, dollar signs, and percentages

Who has used and loved our services 

bonus offers or perks for doing business with us, should they take action

Advertising for Insurance: Best Practices

Now that we’ve started to think outside of the box, we have to remember to appease Google!

Remember, Google is anticipating our CTR so our ads have to be compelling.

Here are 5 more:


High volume keywords in headlines to keep our ads relevant

No periods and exclamations in headlines

Top Keywords in path fields for the display URL

Use top keywords in the description to improve relevancy

Enable site links, callout extensions, and call extensions for your accounts and campaigns


advertisement for insurance

Set Your Ads Up For Success

Ok, your opponent is on the ropes. You’ve got ads that STAND OUT, now for the final blows to make a killer Google ads. These are the final touches to have the competition out for a 10-count.

Use Extensions

Google has 10 extensions and they’re designed to expand your ads and give people more reasons to click. In your case, you only need to use a few of them. Trust me on this champ, you’ll only need the location, call-out, call, text message, site link, and price extensions.  The names of these extensions are straightforward, therefore you could only imagine what they do.

Become Device-Conscious

It’s not a secret that your prospects browse the internet differently depending on the device their using. The exact same prospect searches for insurance on the computer at the office differently than one of their phones. Be mindful and be sure to use call-only ads or mobile-friendly ads with mobile-friendly landing pages to attract mobile users. On the other hand, make sure you’re leveraging all of the site links and eating up as much real-estate as possible for the desktop.

Multiple Ads Per Ad Group

Learn about your users’ preferences and improve your performance by honing ad text, especially your headlines. Make sure to have no less than 3 relevant ads per ad group.

Test, Iterate, and Optimize

Digital advertising is dynamic. That means your ads are going to require oversight and maintenance. Run A/B tests with ONE control, continually try new ads, and turn off the ads that aren’t working!


advertising for insurance

You got the gold!!!!

Wrapping It Up

You’re the champion of the world. You’ve learned how to win the Google Ads championship belt. Before you know it endorsements and sponsorships will be flowing in. Your insurance agency’s team won’t be able to handle all of the new business! Not to mention,  you’ll be hogging all of the new business

As you begin to test different ads, make sure you continually monitor results and ditch the ads that aren’t catching on. This will help you get the most bang for your buck on Google.

Struggling to get started on your insurance agency’s PPC campaigns? Get in touch with us and see how we can take your pay-per-click campaigns to the next level.

What do you think? Seen any cool insurance ads? How do you make sure that you stick out from the competition? Share your thoughts, knowledge, and questions in the comments below! 

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