Total Digital Presence Audit


Ever Wonder Why?:

  • +You have a good website that you paid a lot of money for, but it doesn’t seem to get many new leads
  • +You know all of your prospects are on social media, yet you don’t get any activity on your pages
  • +You hear about everyone else getting huge ROI on their digital marketing, but you can’t seem to the right solution

With our audit and the subsequent plan of action we build for you, you’ll have a complete picture of your current digital presence and a roadmap to help you do the things you need to do to dominate your market!


Here’s What We Audit:

Once you request your online audit we will ask you to share some details about your online presence. We will take this data and initiate the following:

  1. Comprehensive Website Review
    1. SEO Keyword Research
    2. Web Content & Conversion Optimization
    3. Local SEO Strategy
  2. Paid Campaign Audit
    1. ROI Calculator
    2. Conversion Tracking
    3. Opportunity Assessment
  3. Social Profile Review
    1. Facebook/Instagram
    2. Twitter
    3. LinkedIn
  4. Online Listings & Directory Review
    1. Google My Business review
    2. Bing Places review
    3. Yelp Listing review
  5. Analytics Review
    1. Installation verification
    2. Data capture
    3. Audiences
  6. Competitive Landscape
    1. Identify primary competitors
    2. Competitor strategy assessment
  7. Technical 
    1. Speed
    2. Mobile Functionality
    3. Processes

What’s Included:

After we conduct our research we will deliver a full report in a one-on-one video meeting that will also include:

  • +Overview of what’s working and what’s not
  • +Highest priority elements to address
  • +Roadmap to fix these critical elements
  • +Recommendations for optimizing your online presence
  • +Plan of action for your online presence

The plan and reports we provide are yours to keep and share with your team or any other marketing professional.

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