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In the history of selling life insurance, the most exciting, profitable time to be doing it is right now.

The advances in technology and the shifts in consumer behavior and psychology have redefined what it means to build a successful, long-term life insurance business.

The Digital Insurance Agent is the essential guide for insurance agents and brokers of all skill levels to transition into the digital age. This book outlines the steps new agents need to take in order to get their business up and running, and will also help experienced agents who want to transition their business online.

The Digital Life Insurance Agent provides a roadmap to building a predictable lead flow using online prospecting techniques, training on how to sell over the phone and basic training to get newer agents set up.

If agents have the desire to change and the discipline to make it happen, the end result of executing the strategies outlined in this book will leave agents with a marketing machine that generates leads at all hours of the day, regardless of if the agent is sitting at the office, or on a beach!


Summary of the Book

Find Out What Separates Today’s Top Agents From the Pack!
While most struggling insurance agents rely on aggressive selling, in other words, “hunting” to grow. The agents that focus on building systems that continually bring new business, or the “farmers” are the agents that win. In the digital age, this will become more pronounced as technology sweeps the nation. Simply understanding these new-aged platforms is only enough to compete. To reach the next level, you must understand live and breathe digital. The agents that do are known as Digital Insurance Agents, and these are the agents that continually realize their goals and dreams.

The Digital Insurance Agent unveils the principle of digital technology that will allow you to blast through the clutter and noise while taking concrete steps to build marketing systems. It also demonstrates insider knowledge gained from years of digital marketing and an internal. Find out exactly where to start, what to do, and how to implement the strategies to help you achieve massive results.

Learn How To Grow Organically To Exceed Your Targets On A Budget

Crush The Competition With Insider Paid Media Secrets
Discover New & Free Tools and Resources To Take Your Marketing To The Next Level

Get A Free Marketing Evaluation By Insurance Marketing Experts
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Extreme success is by definition outside the realm of normal action. Instead of doing what most insurance agents are doing and settling for average results, become a digital insurance agent, stop buying leads, cold-calling, chasing new customers, and start attracting them to your doorstep in droves!

About the Author
Camille Bob is the co-founder of Infinity Leads, the premier digital advertising agency for insurance agencies. Camille has used sophisticated digital advertising strategies to help Infinity Leads’ insurance agency clients achieve record-setting sales numbers. In addition to promoting some of the top insurance agencies in the United States, he educates individual insurance agents on methods to leave the lead vendors behind by creating their own!

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