Revamp Your Agency’s Pipeline With The New Adwords

Revamp Your Agency's Pipeline With The New Adwords

At this point, it’s widely known that most insurance consumers begin their search for their new insurance agent on the internet. First, they start with a search. Then Google provides the search results. On average, they’ll click a few links, call an agency or two or submit a few quote forms, and in less than an hour, they’re covered.Now that the internet is practically glued to our hands, the buying cycle for insurance even shorter. Today, most people looking for insurance simply prefer to go through this process on their mobile devices. The trick, however, for your insurance agency is to stay on top of shifting consumer habits and make sure that your agency gets found for desktop AND mobile searches. And when your agency gets found, are searchers landing on relevant and mobile friendly pages where searchers can “click-to-call” your agency?

For insurance agencies, getting found on local search engine results, whether mobile or desktop, isn’t always as easy as it sounds. However, there is a sure-fire solution. It’s pay-per-click or digital advertising.

Pay per click (PPC) advertising on Adwords is a tried and true method for insurance agencies to capture online demand. Keeping your agency on the first page of Google will get your agency noticed. But keeping your agency in one of the top three spots of the first page is one way to GUARANTEE your agency gets attention. Like we said before, pay-per-click ads are the first results shown for most searches…and it pays to be first!

Recently, Google began rolling out a new version of Adwords. For the first time ever, insurance agencies can set up pay-per-click campaigns based on their unique business goals, bid specifically for phone calls, and highlight specific sales and offers with promotion extensions. High-performing pay-per-click campaigns can transform your agency in a matter of months. Here’s how the new Adwords can revamp your agency’s marketing:

Unique Business Goals

When creating campaigns, Google gives the option to create targeted campaigns focused on business goals. Each “goal” includes suggested campaign settings aimed to help you reach it. Write policies online? Select the sales goal and reach prospects on relevant websites, videos, and apps. Want to drive leads? Select the leads goal and attract people to your business, in particular, the demographics you want to reach. Need more web traffic? Select traffic and get the most relevant web searchers with dynamically generated ads. Whatever the goal, the new Adwords has the right features to help you reach it.

Bid Adjustment for Calls
Live phone calls are some of the warmest leads you can find! Every insurance agent knows that calls are king. Why not get more of them? The new Adwords allows agencies to bid specifically for the phone calls they receive. Adjusting your bid for calls gets your agency in front of more mobile users searching for insurance. Taking advantage of the call bid adjustment features, empowers insurance agencies to choose how much they’re willing to pay for exclusive leads.

Offers and Promotions
You know the call extension, you know the location (Google My Business) extension, but have you heard of the promotion extension? People want good deals. Oftentimes your individual agency’s good deals and specials get lost in the ad copy. Running a bundle special? Reducing rates? Promoting something particular to your agency? Make sure people see it. Utilize Adwords promotion extension and differentiate your offer from the competition.

PPC continues to be a worthwhile investment for insurance agencies.
The recent changes in AdWords, equip agents with the tools to reach and attract mobile and desktop searchers alike. Have you used any of the new Adwords features? Share your thoughts below.

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