Paid search advertising for insurance agencies is more competitive than most sectors and generating awesome results can be difficult.

That’s where Infinity Leads comes in. We have the expertise to help you compete.

When we manage your paid search advertising campaign, we will:

Understand your agency
We will learn what makes your company tick – your unique differentiators, your short-term and long-term business objectives, and your past and present marketing and advertising activities.

Understand your customers
We’ll lead you through an exercise that describes your customers to help us determine the keywords and emotional triggers unique to each subset.

Understand your competition
We will put your competition under a microscope and find out what keywords they’re using, what ads they’re running – whatever it takes to make sure your campaign outperforms theirs.

Build powerful keyword lists
Using proprietary keyword research strategies, we will build targeted lists of high-powered keywords – many of which have been completely ignored by your competition.

Build intelligent campaign structure
We will build out your campaign to enable us to tightly associate your keywords with the best-performing ad copy.

Write, test and refine killer ads
With extremely limited space, effective PPC ad copy makes or breaks your campaign, no matter how good your keywords are. We’ve written thousands of successful PPC ads, and we’ll tailor ones for your campaign that garner better results than your competitors. Then, we’ll test continually to find variations that steadily improve click-through-rate and ROI.

Test and refine landing page content
We’ll work with you to make changes to your landing pages that, may seem small, tie the content more closely to top-performing keywords and ad copy – continually improving your conversion rates and ROI.

Lather, rinse, repeat
We’ll monitor, test and improve your campaigns as often as several times per day!

Infinity Leads requires (almost) no supervision.
We provide all of the necessary ingredients for a successful campaign; overall PPC strategy, keyword research, campaign management, bidding and creative optimization, reporting & analysis, multivariate testing, etc. You can stay as involved as you want – or put us on cruise control.