If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth a million. Companies have known for a long time the power of video. The way customers become aware of new offerings has been evolving. The main source of this evolution is Youtube. Youtube has been purposefully gearing up to become the new television. Infinity Leads can help your insurance agency take full advantage of this strategic shift by running commercial video ads.

What you can expect when Infinity Leads manages your YouTube video campaigns:

Advanced Persona Development: Infinity Leads will work with your team to create personas for your various customer profiles. These personas will assist in the creation highly-targeted video campaigns.

Strategic Campaign Creation: Once a series of target personas are developed, Infinity Leads will create expansive Youtube video campaigns.

Innovative Video Ad Creation: Infinity Leads works closely with our clients to develop striking video ad creative for video campaigns. Video ads generate amazing results on Youtube.

Expert Ongoing Optimization: The reach of Youtube advertising is vast. This means that video campaigns can generate huge amount traffic. You need expert experience to refine and optimize these campaigns in order to boost profitability and ROI. Infinity Leads provides ongoing video campaign optimization and expansion.