A Simple Process For Insurance Agents To Target Business Owners Online

Target Business Owners Online

To most, business owners are notoriously hard to reach. Because of that, you’ll invest hundreds of thousands into attending the networking and conferences events they go to. You’ll have a monthly ad in the trade publications they read. You’ll call down a leads list. While these activities are essential to your marketing plan, the insurance agencies that target business owners online will continue to thrive as the industry transforms digitally. That’s why I’m sharing an entire process for insurance agents to target business owners online.

Business owners are notoriously hard to reach.


How To Target Business Owners Online

Target Business Owners Online

Mine for relevant contact data

The process of finding high-value targets usually starts with preparing a prospecting list. This is a list of potential leads that fit your “sweet spot” market criteria. Start by going online and Googling who and what you need to find. Today it is extremely easy to find the direct contact information of company CEOs. Heck, 9/10 their email address will follow one similar company convention. That’s just one small example of how simply knowing the name of the CEO is enough to direct access.

Build a database of business owners

First and foremost, you have to house the data in an easy-to-use database. Some of your AMS vendors have robust marketing communications capabilities. Others lack in comparison and require an additional CRM system to better integrate with your emailing, texting, social posts, etc.. Regardless of what you have, you’re going to want to continually “enrich” the data to bolster the effectivity of your prospecting methods, traditional and digital. Once you have the list is when you start your outreach campaigns.

Execute an email campaign

As shown in the simple tactic above, CEOs are remarkably accessible and very easy to reach through email. Most CEOs read every email they receive… even cold emails (though they usually don’t reply). Of course, read doesn’t always mean good. Pre-canned, irrelevant, and poorly written email copy is always a no-no.

However, email campaigns with a strong offer, relevant messaging, and proper delivery will generate new business for your insurance agency. If a cold email with “the subject line of Lyons’ email was, “Wanna disrupt the insurance industry?” could get a meeting with billionaire Mark Cuban, your team can get a meeting with that 400 employee manufacturing plant owner you’ve been courting from afar.

Attract them on social media

These days it isn’t so much B2B or B2C. It’s more about business to people. Business owners ARE people too. Before you jump to the conclusion that people in your target market “don’t use LinkedIn or Facebook” it might be a good idea to look at the data first and see if that’s really true. The results could be surprising.

Business owners are voracious readers and learners. Therefore, in order to reach business owners online, you’ve got to create online content they care about. According to Meghan Anderson, VP of Marketing at Hubspot, “a lot of the content they care about are tactical things. That need to learn and self-educate and get better, that doesn’t change because of the size company you’re working in. What does change is the level of sophistication of those challenges.”

Some examples of tactical content are ideas and how-to themes. Help your prospects understand the implications of their decisions, improve performance in context to your service, and learn and discover emerging trends and risks.

Wrapping It Up

By leveraging cutting-edge digital strategies like online lead generation and direct-response email campaigns, your agency can target business owners online and stay one step ahead of the other agencies around. Try these strategies and make targeting business owners online your secret weapon. Loyal readers, if you like what you’ve read, be sure to give our company page a follow on LinkedIn.

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