To Insurance Agents, Calls Are King

To Insurance Agents, Calls Are King

In the digital age, we know that most consumers begin their search for insurance on the internet. With every insurance agent in the world within a few clicks, it’s clear why it’s the go-to source for pre-purchase research. People go online, find your site, engage with your content ,and learn about your offering, but they likely won’t perform a transaction. Before they buy, they have one more step to go. My friends, this last step is why, for insurance agents, the phone call is king. Because most people who’ve engaged with you online and need insurance still need to talk to someone.

While the digital wave is changing the way we buy and sell, some things will remain the same. As a digital native based in the heart of technology, if asked if I see a day where insurance is sold strictly online without the agents? My answer would be a huge NEVER. For a service like insurance, the human element plays a significant role in every transaction. And until robots can replace this, digital technology will only be a tool to help agents in influencing the human element. For agents, this means using it to make the buying process easier for buyers and themselves. Instead of your team cold calling insurance lead lists, they’ll be fielding calls from interested parties who’ve found them online.

Why are phone calls just so valuable to insurance agents again?
Firstly, people who are calling are hot leads! Unlike form fills or email submissions, a phone call is a live prospect on the other end of the phone. This prospect has viewed you online somewhere. They’ve educated themselves on your offering, and now they’re ready to hear you tell them more!

Secondly, they give you the chance to close more business. Some phone calls will be prospects. Other calls will be clients. While phone calls with prospects are relatively cut and dry. Calls from clients represent opportunities to uncover new problems and needs as well as build trust with your customer service.

So, you might be wondering, how can I get internet browsers to call my agency?
The best way to get more phone calls to your business is by running search advertisements with call extensions. When clicked, these ads generate a prompt to the user to call with a seamless transition from ad to device phone. Want to learn how to start generating phone calls to your insurance agency? Sign up for our newsletter or reach out to us for tips and tricks on getting calls from online consumers.

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