How To Use The Web To Sell More Insurance

sell more insurance

If you want to sell more insurance, let the internet do the heavy lifting. In 2018, nothings stopping you! Insurance brands like Progressive and Esurance do it every day. They attract prospects to their websites and sell insurance online and they don’t need huge physical footprints to do it.

What’s even better, is that most insurance agencies can follow in their footsteps. Scratch that, most insurance will have to follow in their footsteps. But this is not a bad thing, it’s a natural progression. It’s simply us shifting to the digital age. There was once a time we hunted for our food. Now food can be delivered to us from our handheld devices. Today, new business can be delivered directly to you. And with that being said, the insurance agencies of today are experiencing a similar shift. They’re focusing less on marketing (as this can largely be automated) and more on client experience.

Last year we shared 4 keys for insurance agencies to boost their online presence and sell insurance online. This year we’ve decided to dive deeper, so we invite pur friends at AgentMethods (websites for insurance agents) to chime in on what it takes to use the web to reach more people and sell more insurance. The time is not to start selling insurance online. Here’s a simple pathway on all of the pieces your agency needs to sell insurance online.

sell more insurance

Being Found

80% conduct online research before they purchase anything. And 97% of those people turn to a search engine to buy. Simply stated, that means it pays for your company to be able to be found online!


If you’re an insurance agent, there’s no debating the fact that you need a website. Furthermore, you need one that’s, compliant, loads fast, and has plenty of strategically placed calls to actions. Actually, you can find all of that at AgentMethods.

Actually, their founder Aaron Kassover decided to chime in and share just how essential a website is to grow your insurance agency,

“Having a website is the price of entry for today’s insurance agents. Your customers will visit your website before a meeting and before a purchase to research you and decide if you are someone they can trust. A good website will legitimize your business and helps your prospects feel comfortable working with you. Without a website, your business literally doesn’t exist for today’s connected consumer.

An effective insurance website helps you grow your business in a number of ways. First, it serves as a destination for your lead generation efforts, bringing in new prospects. Second, it makes closing sales easier because it will help customers educate themselves and built trust in you. Third, your site increases retention and up-sell opportunities. And finally, your website will generate more referrals. The result of all this is a snowballing of your business.”

Online Listings

You gotta use your free listings and not just because they are free! Think about it, how are people supposed to buy from you if you haven’t claimed your listing? I’m not debating this…

Online Content

In order for Google to rank your website high, you’ve got to have “stuff” on it and you’ve gotta updated it frequently. The “stuff” to include should be your story and why people should buy from you, how to get in contact with you, and a blog that answers relevant questions or adds value. Remember, perception is reality, to a prospect good content means good insurance agency, can’t say the same for bad content.

Social Media

No, a cool Facebook or Twitter page isn’t going to lead to a record-breaking insurance sales year. But, if you want people to see your agency as relevant, then you should be posting. Not to mention, having these pages will help get your website found and seen, which leads me to…


SEO is the closest thing mankind has to wizardry today. You have to get your website seen on search engines, so you want your website to be optimized for searches. Appearing at the top for the best keywords will 100% lead to record-breaking sales numbers. The only problem is no one really understands the search engine algorithms 100% (not even the engineers at Google). And to make things even worse, the Google algorithm is updated pretty frequently, so good luck staying at the top!

Online Ads

If you read the Digital Insurance Agent, you know that digital advertising isn’t for every insurance agency. Online ads are for the agencies that have checked off all of the aforementioned boxes. It’s the perfect complement to SEO and in insurance, should really be left to the professionals (give us a call), because digital advertising for insurance is the shark tank.

sell more insurance

After They’ve Found You

Now that the prospect looking to buy insurance has found you, your web presence has to woo them to do 1 of 3 things, call you, fill out a form, or get an online quote (if your agency has this capability). Here’s what you’ll need to take your relationship to the next level.

Calls to Actions

Once they’ve landed on your page, you’ve gotta tell’em what you want them to do.  Have a bunch of calls to actions across your site prompting the next action. Pay attention to what you say, what your calls to action look like, and how that action falls into your work process.


Talk with your web visitors, ask them questions, start their quotes. Every insurance website should have a chatbot, not to mention, many of them even connect with your mobile device.


In the past, a separate FAQ page was necessary. Today, the trend is to answer as many questions as possible on the homepage.  By answering these questions, you’re speeding up the process and addressing all concerns at the door.


Last year, a policy surrounding this changed, if your website has ‘HTTP’ instead of ‘HTTPS’ your website will say “Not Secure” near the URL. Remember, perception is reality. Change this or prospects will think you’re agency is either scammy or less credible.

Landing Pages

If you’re advertising online, there’s no getting around landing pages. Sending web traffic that you paid for to your website is a huge risk. Don’t leave your conversion rates up to chance. Create customized landing pages and tailor them to each of your online ads.

sell more insurance

Once They’re Your Client

Your web presence plays a role in retaining and cross-selling clients after you’ve won them. Your website plays a role in the client experience as its your agency’s online customer service rep. Not to mention, a solid website can prevent clients from calling for every little thing. Here are some essentials to

Online Client Portal

Bill pay, account access, and service requests all in one place. Having a client portal is an easy and secure way to modernize your agency. Not to mention, it will make your agency seem professional and clients feel like VIPs.

Blog Subscription/E-mail Newsletter

For the most part, most insurance agencies will struggle in this department. But don’t fret. The goal of the activity isn’t to have 75 comments under ever blog and 35,000 web visitors a month. Your goal is to simply keep your name and brand in front of your clients. Use it as an opportunity to share local highlights, discuss how your products apply to daily life, and add value.

Web Notifications

If you think your content is good and adds value, create a push notification. These are the notifications that pop up on mobile devices and desktops to keep engagers notified. Don’t judge me for this but… most people accidentally enable these notifications. So as long as you don’t flood people with useless content, you’ve found another way to stay top of mind.


This is another suggestion for insurance agency’s use digital advertising. It’s relatively inexpensive to do and highly effective with prospects and current clients Stay top of mind with your clients by subtly “following” them around the web using remarketing.

Wrapping It Up

Want to sell more insurance? Start with creating a strong online presence. A strong online presence is going to absolutely ignite your insurance marketing. Beef up your web presence and not only will you beat the agency down the street, but you’ll have a consistently filled pipeline overflowing with prospective clients looking for insurance.

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