Why Display Ads Are Great For Generating Insurance Leads

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Remember billboards? As a 90’s baby, I remember paying attention to all of them from the backseat of my mother’s van. Nowadays they don’t get as much of my attention. But then again, billboards are also virtually obsolete. Today, our eyes have moved from our surroundings and have gone to the web and our mobile devices. As a result of this behavioral shift, today’s billboards have been forced to adapt. In the digital age, the new billboard is the Google Display Network. And these display ads act just like billboards. Like billboards, digital display ads increase brand awareness within targeted geographic locations.However, these modern-day billboards, are equipped with loads of new features and are 100% digital, giving these ads the power to perform 10x better than its predecessor. If you are an insurance agent looking for insurance leads, here are a few reasons why you might want to consider advertising through Google’s Display network.

Brand Awareness
What’s easier for you to remember, a face or a name? If you’re anything like me, you said a name. Why? Because faces are easier to remember than names, that’s why. With display ads, graphics (image and video) and text are used to depict your message. Ads with images are more memorable than text and connect with us on a visceral level. For example, display ads containing images such as the faces that sit behind the desks, agency branding or logos, and even pictures of happy clients, stand out and attract the attention of web browsers.

Why don’t insurance agents in San Francisco, California advertise their insurance services in Kalamazoo, Michigan? Because not many would buy, that’s why. What would happen if this same agent, placed advertisements in the Mission SF or Pacific Heights?
This is the same thought process behind display advertising. With display advertising’s targeting feature, you can display ads to only the types of people you want. Based on the specific parameters you create you could direct ads to appear only on certain websites, for viewers in particular geographic areas who fit a relevant demographic or niche market. For example, an insurance agent in Detroit, Michigan displaying auto insurance ads on car dealership websites in Detroit.

Which lead is the most interested in buying insurance? The consumer searching for a brand new car on the local dealer’s website or the user who’s visited an insurance agent’s website? I hope you guessed the latter.
This number one reason to use display advertising is for retargeting purposes. How many people visit your website on a daily basis? How many of those left without purchasing or contacting your agency? Retargeting gives your insurance company a mulligan on for these missed opportunities. Your display ads will follow leads and remind them of their problem they need solving. Also, retargeting ads can be placed to generate awareness amongst current clients. For example, in our last blog post, I discussed sending relevant ads to current clients with policies near expiration.

Advertising on the Google Display Network is beneficial for insurance agencies of any size. Not only do you have the ability to place your ads on thousands of relevant and local websites, but to those who’ve engaged with your site already. Agents looking to expand their online reach should consider advertising with the GDN to help them acquire new clients and cross-sell to current ones.

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